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How to choose your crossbow bolts?

When you purchase your crossbow, original equipment should be provided, such as the bolt. Then, you can accommodate other crossbow bolts according to your needs and convenience.

To properly choose your crossbow bolts, it is important to consider several selection factors: the size of the crossbow, the diameter of the bolt, your use, reviews, etc. To learn more about this topic, we invite you to see everything there is to know about crossbow bolts in this article.

The size of the crossbow

The projectiles of a crossbow can be called crossbow bolts or crossbow arrows. The choice of these projectiles influences a lot the throwing performance of the weapon. And, it is mainly based on the power requirements of the crossbow.

Note that there are two kinds of bolts or arrows depending on the power of the crossbow:

  • Between 50 and 80 lbs: the 50-80 lbs bolts will match with low power weapons and are made of plastic or metal.
  • Between 120 lbs and 180 lbs: large crossbow bolts will fit more powerful weapons such as hunting crossbows. In this case, the recommended length of the bolts is between 14" (35 cm) and 22 " (55 cm).

Tip: To maximize the speed of the bolt, choose carbon models.

The diameter of the bolt for crossbow

You can find different types of crossbow bolts on the market depending on its diameter. These diameters depend on the size and power of the crossbow used. For example, if we take a bolt with a diameter equal to:

    • 6 mm. on the market depending on its diameter. These diameters depend on the size and power of the crossbow used. For example, if we take a bolt with a diameter equal to:6 mm. You must have a crossbow of length between 90 and 100 cm. This diameter allows you to pierce a target easily. Be careful, if there is no balance between the power of the crossbow and the bolt; the latter may twist or vibrate during the shot (trajectory all but straight).
    • 6,5 mm. This is the most versatile diameter because it is lighter than 7 mm bolts and more resistant to twisting than 6 mm bolts. With this diameter, the target will be stunned with a "punch" effect.
    • 7 mm. This is the perfect bolt diameter for a crossbow of 100 cm and more.

The type of tip


The best way to find an answer about the reliability of a bolt is first to consider the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is reliable and strives for quality, all his products will be reliable. The other way is to look at the reviews and comments of people who have already used it. The more users and reviews, the more credible you can consider the overall judgment.

Professional or general purpose

It depends on how you will use it. If you are going to use it frequently or you are going to use it extensively, then it is better that you rely on a professional product, as it is designed specifically for heavy use. If, on the other hand, you are going to use it occasionally, then you can also consider the more discreet products that are available to everyone.


Evaluate the different types of bolts on the market. Choosing one type over another may depend as much on personal preference as on your actual needs. In this case, only you know what your preferences are and what will make that particular type of bolt.

For example, depending on the bolt tip, you will have a choice between:

      • Les Fixed blade tips (shooting, flathead, bird)
      • Articulated tips which are known for their power and shooting trajectory

The expectations

It is clear that the best product of the century is of no use to you, if most of its features do not meet your expectations. The best way to find the right type of product is to start by knowing your needs or situation.

To do this, determine what are the most important characters that a crossbow bolt should have. It is always better to spend five minutes evaluating all of these selection criteria than to buy the first product you find and then find out that you have spent money on something that does not serve you.

The Brand

Only trust brands that you trust or that have certifications.

The price

To know how much to spend, consider evaluating the average of products with certain characteristics:

  • Affinity to your needs,
  • Good customer ratings,
  • Quality brands, etc.

On the market, you can find crossbow bolts with prices ranging from 6 to 60 euros.

Once you have estimated the average price of a product, according to you, find the one that deserves your attention and make sure it fits your budget.