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How to wax a string?

an orange string to show how to properly wax a string=

Its maintenance is an essential ritual that all archers should practice regularly. String maintenance is essential because it allows your string to maintain good accuracy and shooting performance. It also prevents any injury. But how do you maintain a string? How do you wax a string? To answer these questions, this article will give you our tips and tricks.

Use of a string in archery

The string is the essential component that keeps your bow running smoothly. With the help of a notch, the arrow is placed on it. It will be pulled and tensioned to push this arrow to the intended target.

Why is waxing a string so important?

We all know that the string is what transmits the energy stored in the limbs of the bow when the archer shoots. It is therefore one of the most fragile parts of the bow and requires maintenance. To maintain your bowstring, you will need to wax it. This solution consists of lubrifying the string with a wax specially designed for bows. This wax will leave a light protective film on the string. It helps protect it from material and physical damage. Also, a string should not be dry to the touch. It should always be a little sticky when dismantled.

It should be noted that the risks of shooting with a string in a deteriorated state are very high. If it is not maintained, it may even fray and eventually break.

What is needed to wax a string?

To wax a bowstring, you will need :

  • The string on your bow.
  • A tube of wax. You may want to use the synthetic waxes available in archery stores. Alternatively, natural beeswax (which you may be able to get from a beekeeper) may also work.
  • A small string (a piece of lace for example)

Which steps should be followed to wax a string?

Maintaining a string will only take a few minutes. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Check the integrity of the string

Before starting to wax your string, it is important to check that your string is in good shape. The serving thread must be intact and the string must have a good twist. In fact, once the wax is applied, it will stiffen the string and it will be difficult to adjust the twist afterwards. Next, band your bow to keep the string taut.

  • Step 2: Applying the wax

Next, take the wax and apply it to the entire length of the string. Don't hesitate to rub it up and down so that the whole string is well waxed.

We advise you not to wax the serving thread, as it would become too slippery.

  • Step 3: Wipe the wax

Then, with your fingers, rub the wax on the string so that it can absorb into the fibers. Indeed, the string is made of several strands and the wax must be pressed around each strand to be more effective. If you do this correctly, you will normally feel warmth.

  • Step 4: Cleaning

After the waxing, take the string and wrap it around your bowstring. Move it back and forth to spread and distribute the wax. This cord will also remove excess wax.

Finally, just remove any remaining wax from your fingers before using your string.

Our advice to maintain a string

  • We advise you to wax your string from time to time so that it can pull efficiently. It should be noted that waxing considerably extends the life and strength of your string.
  • If your string is already in a bad condition, instead of waxing it, it is better to replace it. This is necessary for safe practice and for good performance.