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Keeping a positive mindset in archery

having a positive mindset in archery

Know that you may be missing positive mindset. But what should you do? To answer this question, in our topic of the day, we will explain how to have and keep a positive mindset in archery.

Why do we need to have a positive mindset?

Apart from training, archery is also a sport that requires a lot of concentration. Indeed, the mental aspect should not be neglected in the preparation of a competition, as it improves one's concentration skills. We talk about a positive mindset which is the key element to have good performances.

How to manage one's mind in archery?

Developing a mental control system can make all the difference in an archer's performance. Indeed, there are mental strengths that an archer must possess if he or she is to succeed because archery is 90% in the mind. So, to manage your mind in archery, it is important not to neglect conscious or mindful breathing. This is a relatively simple technique that will allow you to reach an optimal state of calm and concentration.

To do this, shift your attention from the surrounding world or distracting thoughts and focus solely on your breathing. The idea is that when you focus solely on archery, there will be no room for other thoughts (such as negative ones). It is therefore a fundamental tool for keeping a positive thought.

How do you get rid of fear in archery?

In addition to paralyzing our body, fear can also paralyze our mind. It can cause us to suppress all the correct sensations in our movements and prevent us from shooting correctly and effectively. A thought of fear can annihilate us and can weaken us. It is therefore important to strengthen our positive thoughts, as this helps us to overcome fear.

To maximize your chances of success and to get rid of fear in archery, you should keep a positive thought, because it also helps you to have a boost of energy and strong motivation. Indeed, a good mental state conditions performance and can influence physics and technique.

Alternatively, you could also participate in mental preparation to better control your emotions before and during an archery competition. In this preparation, the archer can call upon a mental coach who will use psychology and relaxation to help him keep his control, not to stress, not to panic and especially not to be afraid.

What can I do to optimize my concentration in archery?

The idea of concentration is to focus on a specific thing. However, concentration is above all the ability to stay in the present, i.e. not to let negative images and thoughts invade.

In archery, you can concentrate for a few minutes and then suddenly not be able to. So, to optimize your archery concentration, we recommend that you think only about your technique (what should I do to hit the target?), your equipment (how should I handle my bow?) and your aim. And don't forget to learn to be positive. You could always focus on your positive thoughts only.


Relationship between physical betrayal and positive mindset?

In archery, it is quite possible for your body to betray you. It will cause you to shake with stress for fear of missing the target yellow. Your hands and fingers can get cold in every competition, no matter what the season. That's physical betrayal.

Here are some tips that can help you avoid physical betrayal in archery:

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water before your archery practice or competition.
  • Remember to manage your breathing, as this exercise will also help you avoid stress and prevent your hands and fingers from getting cold all at once.
  • Never forget to warm up before you start shooting by exercising all the muscles in your body, especially those that will be working during the shooting session.
  • After your shooting sessions, don't forget to stretch your muscles. Stretching will prevent involuntary contractions.
  • But most importantly, listen to your body and focus.

What is the best way to keep a positive mindset?

To remedy all these problems and to have a positive mindset all the time, the best solution is to search within yourself why this situation persists at each competition. Everything you feel must be related to your "visualization":

  • You should visualize the arrow as it arrives in the center of the shield.
  • You should feel the effort of twisting the bow.
  • You should visualize the distance the arrow travels during its flight, the effect of the string in tension, the sound of the arrow at the start, the colors, the location of the arrow, etc.

We also advise you to position your bow hand on the gripp so that the radius and ulna of your arm are parallel and vertical. This position will stabilize you and help you feel more confident during your shooting sessions.

It should be noted that confidence is very important in archery to be less affected by negative mindsets. You would also be less anxious, not doubting your abilities. On the contrary, you would be sure that you can shoot correctly and with the right methods. And remember, the more confident you are, the more you will be able to keep negative mindset at bay and be effective in archery.