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  • Cleaver and machete: why these weapons are so widespread in Africa and America

    Machete and cleaver are used all over the world, mainly in tropical and subtropical countries.

    Knives Published : 12/20/2022

  • “Rambo” equipment list for fans!

    Are you a big fan of John Rambo, the famous Vietnam veteran played by actor Sylvester Stallone? Then this article is for you, as it presents the "Rambo" gear that left its mark on...

    Knives Published : 12/06/2022

  • Top 5 knives to give dad for Christmas

    Dad is an avid hunter, survivalist or do-it-yourselfer, so what better gift to give him than a good, solid and stylish all-purpose knife. Christmas is just around the corner. It's a holiday that bring

    Knives Published : 11/23/2022

  • France's most beautiful hunting regions

    France, with its 17 million hectares of forest, is home to several areas that are ideal for hunting.

    Bows , Crossbows , Knives Published : 11/17/2022

  • What is a bladed weapon?

    The term arme blanche was originally used to describe knives, swords and other bladed weapons. In fact, it refers primarily to the color of the metal.

    Knives Published : 11/04/2022

  • Which steel for a hunting knife?

    Which steel for a hunting knife? The answer is simple: it all depends on the application. In other words, each context of use of your hunting knife requires a specific type of steel.

    Knives Published : 09/15/2022

  • Which knife for butchering wild boar?

    All boar hunting enthusiasts know the importance of choosing the right skinning knife. Having a quality knife makes tasks easier and more efficient.

    Knives Published : 09/05/2022

  • What's the best survival knife?

    Survival in the wild generally requires a good blade, and a solid, high-performance knife. In fact, it's the most useful tool, especially in hostile environments.

    Knives , Survivalism Published : 09/02/2022

  • 5 knife gift ideas for Father's Day

    What's the best gift to give a dad on Father's Day? Lovely flower bouquets are for mothers, but you can never go wrong

    Knives Published : 08/26/2022

  • Neck knives, uses and different models

    To all lovers of aesthetic, discreet and practical knives for everyday use or for defence, this article is for you. Through these few lines, you will discover what is the neck knife. For that, you wil

    Knives Published : 08/25/2022

  • Is the pocket knife considered a weapon in France ?

    There are different opinions about knives, especially pocket knives. It has been said that knives can be carried in a pocket or a bag as long as the blade is no wider than the palm. Is this true or is

    Knives Published : 08/25/2022

  • The best brands of folding knives.

    You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy an excellent folding knife. You can get a high quality pocket knife at an affordable price. Some brands achieve this through more advanced man

    Knives Published : 08/25/2022

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