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Mathews Triax: a hunting bow that guarantees success

Mathews Triax hunting bow

Nowadays, Mathews is one of the best producers of hunting bows on the market. In 2019, it revisits the concept of the Halon bow construction to make a new bow with an ultra-compact shape - "Triax". The producers have kept the same concept and have added an improvement in terms of balance. Indeed, the modification was mainly focused on the geometry of the riser and the damping system. So, if you want to discover the particularity of this type of bow, we will present it to you.

The characteristics of the Mathews Triax hunting bow

The Mathews Triax hunting bow has 28 inches between axes for a six inch band. It weighs 2085 grams. Its limbs are hyperparallel and its riser is long. The cams have the same Crossentric system as the Halon 32 and have a replaceable adjustable module. These cams are associated with the Reverse Roller cable spreader and the wide limbs. 

The cocking of the Crossentric cams is without surprise. In fact, they have a reference in terms of flexibility and cocking. Their axes are virtually centered and the drawbar pull is divided between two circular rings of generous diameter. These rings are set on sealed bearings on both sides of the string groove.  

The Mathews Triax hunting bow is easy to open even at higher power. For a bow claiming over 340fps, its valley is both long and comfortable. It is available in three colors to suit the needs and preferences of its users: Camo, Black and Pixel Camo.

The modules suggested by Mathews Triax

Mathews suggests two types of modules. These modules exist in 85% let off but also in 75% for shooters who are looking for a more aggressive bow. This is a very important point, because they will allow you to adjust the draw length from half an inch to half an inch and to change the let off. But the residual power and the draw cycle profile will also change:

  • With the 85% modulus, the pull will be easier. The valley will be more defined and it will be easier to land on the extension stop. This is the ideal modulus for stalking because the bow will be very comfortable at full draw.
  • With the 75% modulus, you have to be very careful and avoid over-extending because you will lose the accurate perception of the stop. Indeed, the cycle will be very linear.

What are the advantages of the Mathews Triax hunting bow compared to other bows?

Compared to other bows, the Triax hunting bow is compact and fast. In addition to being very precise, its characteristics bring a significant decrease in noise and vibrations. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, this is the type of bow that all enthusiastic bow hunters are looking for. The class and the identity of this bow make its aesthetics. 

If we talk about the quality of the Triax, it was built on a platform that appeared on the Halon series bows. Its riser is made of aluminum and is manufactured using Dual Bridge technology. This design offers great rigidity and strength. This ensures long term durability. It's a bow that lives up to its name, because the result is perfect, the alignments are top quality.

To ensure a perfect trajectory and a precise shot, the arrow and the nocking point are very well centered. Moreover, you will have the possibility to adjust it easily according to your needs.

To make sure that the geometry of true center nocking does not cause any problems in terms of bow balance, for the Triax, Mathews has reworked the weight balance as well as its damping system. The manufacturer has changed the integrated EHS damper from which the Triax is absolutely neutral at the start of the arrow. The return effect at the release has been reduced and the bow does not suffer from any residual vibration. This is much more interesting. In addition, the release is silent.

For your information, the price of the Mathews Triax bow is around 1300€. For the quality, it is very affordable.

Why is the Mathews Triax bow a great hunting bow?

The Mathews Triax bow is a very nice hunting bow, because it is super easy to adjust and will allow you to shoot with ease.

Triax: a bow which is easy to set up

We all know that the easier a bow is to set up, the better it is. This is the case with the Mathews Triax bow. With its fancy Top Hat Inserts and oversized axles, you could adjust the horizontal trajectory of the nocking point easily. To do so, you will just have to slide the cams sideways on the two axes.

Triax: a quality bow

This bow will allow you to shoot easily thanks to the comfort it provides and its neutrality on release. Indeed, it is as precise as the Halon 32. It is a quality bow, because its balance is unic and you could shoot at any distance. 

After a little comparison, Triax has all the qualities that other bows have. It is compact like a DXT, easy to cock like a Heli-M. But most importantly, it is faster and more neutral than any hunting bow and that's proven.

Would you like to try this bow?

The feedback from users of this type of bow proves that it is very practical and will allow you to shoot with precision. The grip is very natural and the release gives you a feeling of ease and serenity. This is not always the case with other hunting bows.

So if you also want to try a new experience by equipping yourself with this bow, know that you will not regret it, because you will have confidence in yourself and in your bow more quickly. So don't wait any longer and make progress with Triax.