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The different essential basic accessories for archery

the different essential accessories for archery

There are two main ranges of archery accessories: archer's accessories and bow accessories. Even if a bow and arrow is the basic equipment, there are other practical, very useful and indispensable pieces of equipment that will help you achieve your goals and get good accuracy. In addition, these will also ensure your comfort and safety. So, if you are new to archery and want to know everything about this sport, in this article, find out the different essential basic archery accessories.

What is included in an archery kit?

Generally, an archery kit includes a target, a bow and arrows.

The bow usually comes with a riser, two pairs of limbs and a string. There are different types, different sizes and different powers. The choice is based on the archer's level, size and physical strength. If you are a beginner in archery, a low powered arrow is always recommended.

Arrows for the bow are more often made of carbon, because this component provides all the necessary strength according to the intensity of practice. But there are also arrows made of aluminum, wood or carbon aluminum. The length of the arrows is defined according to the length of the archer. It is never standardized.

As a reminder, the target for classical bows measures 122 cm in diameter with a circle of 12.2 cm on the 10th. The target is placed at 20 to 70 meters depending on the category and the level of the archer. The target for compound bows is 80 cm in diameter with a 10 mm circle of 8 cm. Archers who use compound bows shoot at a distance of 50 meters. But there are also 3D targets in the shape of animals.

What are the different bow accessories?

To complete the archer's kit, the archer must have some essential accessories.

The Sight

If you have chosen to shoot with a sight, you must have one. If you are using a traditional bow, you can choose a mid-range rack-and-pinion sight or a micrometer sight. These sights are available with a plastic or metal eyecup.

If you are using a compound bow, you may also want to consider a rack-and-pinion or micrometer sight. However, one change is in the scope. They are usually available with a magnifying glass or a neutral glass. Other sights have multiple aiming points.

The clicker

In a bow with a sight, it is important that the archer has a clicker. The clicker is a simple metal tab that is screwed into the bow window. Sometimes it can be a metal rod that is mounted on a bracket to be fixed with the sight plate. This sound device indicates with a click that the archer is at the correct draw length and therefore in a perfect shooting position.

The arrow rest

The arrow rest is especially useful if you use traditional bows. It can be glued or screwed on.

The stabilization

Compound bows and recurve bows with sights always need a stabilizer. It is important because it stabilizes the bow and absorbs vibrations.

The Berger-button

Generally, a recurve bow and a barebow must have a Berger-button. It is the arrows' friend. It is placed on the back of the arrow rest. It is useful, because it allows you to put the arrow back in the axis and to dampen the lateral oscillations due to the push of the string.

The bow rest

This is a metal accessory on three legs. It is where you put your bow. You could put it anywhere, but it just needs a flat floor to be stable.

What are the different protections for the archer to shoot safely? 

Like any other physical activity, archery carries the risk of injury. So, to avoid this, it is necessary to opt for protective equipment.

The arm guard

The arm guard is important because it helps the archer avoid bruises. The archer wears it on the bow arm to prevent the string from rubbing. You could choose a single arm guard that covers only the forearm or a double arm guard that covers both the forearm and the arm.

The finger tab

The finger tab is used to protect the fingers. Its shape varies depending on the archer's shooting techniques. A paddle is usually made of two pieces of leather cut to cover the three string fingers. These cut leathers are attached to a small metal piece that fits into the palm. It is held in the hand by the small elastic band that the archer threads over his middle finger.

It should be noted that archers who use compound bows do not use a paddle. Instead, they pull the string with the help of a trigger, which works on the same principle as a trigger on a firearm. The trigger is placed in the palm of the hand.

The chest guard

The chest guard is an accessory that covers the chest of the bow arm. Made of leather or synthetic material, the breastplate is used to relieve the pressure of the string on the pectoral muscle. It prevents the string from getting in the way.

It should be noted that the use of the breastplate depends on the archer's physique. Indeed, some need it while others do not.

The quiver

The quiver is an accessory that is attached to the belt. It allows you to store arrows and to shoot them between two volleys. It is often made of leather. You will find different shapes and colors.

In short, whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer, whatever your type of bow, remember that having the right accessories is essential to reach your goal.