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The different types of hunting knife

If you've recently discovered the world of hunting and have become an enthusiast like me, this article is for you. Hunting knives come in a multitude of shapes (I was a bit confused myself at first!), but rest assured, you'll soon be able to tell them apart. Today, take the first step by discovering the different types of hunting knives you'll be using to perfect your hunting.

The buck

Buck knife

The buck or multi-purpose knife has been my favorite ally ever since I started hunting. As its name suggests, this multi-purpose knife can be used for carving, skinning or boning game. It's very practical, so you don't have to carry several knives around with you. You'll find different buck knife models, both fixed and folding. And they come at an affordable price.

The Bowie knife

Bowie knife

The Bowie knife is a hunter's classic. It owes its name to its creator James Bowie. This knife features a fixed blade with a raised tip, between 10 and 30 cm long. It features a bone handle. You'll use it to gut your game with ease. In fact, it's my favorite knife to use every time I go hunting, thanks to its great strength and ease of use, especially with its fixed blade.

The evisceration knife

evisceration knife

This knife is a must-have if you want to gut your game like a real pro! When I use it, I first use the tip to open the animal, then I use the blade to remove the organs without damaging them. Removing the viscera is essential, and I advise you to master the stretching process, as the viscera may develop microbes. I also use it to prepare fish, and it's very effective!

The boning knife

boning knife

As its name suggests, this knife is designed to separate meat from bone. I advise you to carry it with you at all times, as it's truly irreplaceable. The blade is thick, rigid and shorter.

The hunting dagger


Also known as a drop point knife, the hunting dagger has a long, thin blade for piercing game (especially the heart), without destroying the skin, meat or organs. I particularly like it for its ease of use. Perfect for beginners.

The Skinner or skinning knife

Deployment knife

This is a fixed-blade knife designed for cutting game hide. It features a fine blade with a sharp rising head to prevent the skin from tearing.

Another type of skinning knife is specially designed to cut the head and shoulder of the animal (for trophies). It's also known as a head skinning knife.

I always recommend a fixed hunting knife, which is easier to use and more robust. It's easier to maintain than folding knives, which tend to accumulate bits of meat...

Also, pay attention to the length of the blade, especially if you're a beginner. The longer the blade, the more difficult it is to handle, whether for skinning, cutting or removing skin and bone. Ideally, you should try out the knife when you buy it, to see which one you'll be most comfortable with.

Once you've seen the main types of hunting knife, you'll find it easier to complete your tools. All you have to do is find the model and material best suited to your needs, and off you go!