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The Run Archery

 starting for the run archery

10 years later, around 2000, some countries began to organize annual national championships such as Russia, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany. It was recognized as an official discipline in 2003 by the Word Archery Federation and in 2018, by the French Archery Federation. But what exactly does it consist of? How to practice Run Archery? What are the disciplines?

Run archery: a combination of archery and running

Run archery is a discipline that consists of alternating running and archery where the cardio-vascular system of the archer will be challenged. Indeed, the competitors will start by running and the race will be alternated by shooting sequences. To vary the pleasures, the archery stage will be done either standing or on one knee.

Self-control and concentration will be valued to obtain an accurate shot. This sport therefore works on the athlete's ability to combine the breathing and physical effort of running with the concentration required to remain effective in archery.

Run archery: discover the discipline

In run archery, each participant will carry their bow and arrows with their hand while running a set distance. They can also wear them on a back brace as long as the arrow point is not visible.

This sport is composed of two distances:

  • 1 kilometer for the long circuits.
  • 400 meters for the short circuits.

The departure is always individual and sometimes in groups.

The individual departure takes place every 30, 45 or 60s according to the choice of the planners. In peloton, the departures will take place every 2 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the peloton. Indeed, the size always depends on the number of athletes in the category.

For the long course, each archer will shoot 4 arrows and try to hit as many targets as possible. A missed shot will correspond to a penalty round of about 150m (the distance is 60m for the short circuit). During his second shot, the archer will start a new loop circuit and will adopt a kneeling position when shooting. Then, during his third run and shoot phase, he will stand and run a short distance to cross the finish line.

It should be noted that in Run Archery, the point will be scored as soon as the arrow hits the target, no matter where it is (whether it is on the counter or at the ends).

What are the targets used in Run Archery?

The targets used for the Run Archery are made of foam with a 16cm diameter. They are placed at 18m from the shooting zone and are protected at the back by straw targets. To increase the fun aspect of the discipline, the targets are rocking.

What are the accessories used in run archery?

It is obvious that participants will not be able to carry large accessories on their bows. They will not be able to use their stabilizers to avoid shocks between participants and thus run with ease and safety. However, they can use small shock absorbers of 13 cm maximum.

As for the sight, it must be tucked in as deep as possible so that it does not extend beyond the bow.

Run archery is a very interesting sport: why?

Run archery is an interesting sport because it is accessible to a large variety of sportsmen and women, both competitive and recreational. Indeed, it is open to runners and archers at the same time and everyone will find their place. Moreover, even the distances of races are made that the most sedentary will also be able to discover this discipline and take pleasure. You don't need to be a monster of endurance to start.


  • Participants must be careful not to touch another participant during the various handling operations.
  • Compound bows can sometimes be used according to the regulations of each organizer.