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Properly prepare one’s archery session

Hattila, a specialist in archery and crossbow, sales, has a rich online store with several hundred models available. Hattila Archery has made it its flagship category, offering all types of bow size ranging from the classic to the most modern. So, whether it is for sport shooting, leisure shooting, target shooting, field archery or bow hunting, you will find there the product that suits you the most.

However, in order to practice archery safely, you must prepare yourself: it is therefore necessary to know the safety rules to adequately protect yourself. Read our guide to ensure good protection during your shooting sessions. If you are a beginner and initiated to shooting, it will be very useful.

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In order for archery to remain a recreational and safe sport for both youth and adults, a number of basic safety rules must be followed. Because we must keep in mind that we handle a weapon in this sport and leisure. A weapon that must be handled with all the necessary precautions. Whether you are sports shooters, hunters, confirmed or amateurs, here is what you should do or know:

  • Checking the surroundings:

During club or outdoor training, the shooter must ensure that the shooting area is completely clear and free. He/She must only practise when the other shooters are on the fire line and none of them are within the firing range. In fact, the shooters do not often shoot at the same time, but alternately. In this case, there is a risk that one shooter is within the firing zone and another one will shoot at that time.

  • Equipment control:

It is also important to check the quality of your equipment before each shot. This will ensure that your arrows do not present any defects that could compromise the quality or the integrity of your shot.

  • No vertical shoot:

To avoid unfortunate accidents, one of the recommendations often made in archery is to never shoot vertically. In fact, when you make a normal shot, i.e. in the direction of the firing zone, the shot is never risky as long as you have targeted the firing zone, because even if you miss the target, the arrow will fall close. But when you shoot vertically, the projectile might land in an unsecured and crowded area.

  • Stable targets with safety contour:

If equipment checking is obviously essential before each shot, don’t forget to check the shooting range. To do so, you have to make sure that you’re shooting at targets that are placed on a stable easel, and that the immediate surrounding area is clear.


To protect oneself well during a club shooting session as well as for the safety of others, it is necessary to have quality shooting equipment. Here are some important points you need to know:

  • No “handmade” bow:

It is essential to purchase a bow that meets the standards of quality and safety. This will not only protect you from the risks related to health (because it is a sport that requires certain areas of the body such as the neck and arms), but also, to guarantee the safety of other shooters nearby. A good material must be adapted to the morphology of the shooter. Among the most popular models are the recurve bow and the compound bow. While the compound bow is ultra-modern and is equipped with pulleys producing a leverage effect, the recurve bow is more classic, but is no less effective thanks to its double curve. These various models are obviously available on the online Hattila armory shop.

  • Watch out for size of ammunition:

Hattila, the bows and archery equipment online store, provides quality arrows that meet the standards: affordable arrows for bows. These essential accessories for the archer must indeed have a certain length, otherwise the arrow will not rest in a stable way on the arrow rest.

  • Check the quality of the string to avoid breakage:

Special attention must also be paid to the string. It must be strong enough to propel the arrow with the required draw weight. And you should avoid stretching it without an arrow, as this can damage your equipment just as it can pose a risk to your safety.

  • Use an arrow puller:

Once you have fired an arrow, you will need to remove it from the target. To do this safely, you can use an arrow puller to avoid hurting yourself and others who might be behind you, for example.


During a shooting session, it is important to know the parts of your body that are solicited by this sport. Thus, the fingers will be heavily strained and exposed to tendonitis, since the bowstring is tensed with your fingers. Your arms and forearms are also subjected to strain, not to mention the neck muscles. Indeed, the shooter's position means that the neck is often supported. Finally, and to a lesser extent, the shooter's dentition must be impeccable so that he/she does not encounter any balance disorders when shooting.


To practice archery properly, certain protective accessories for archery, such as arm guard are strongly recommended for archers. These protective accessories allow them to protect themselves from potential injuries. For example, the arm guard, also called bracelet, protects the forearm from the rebound of the string after the shot. To protect your fingers during the shot, there is the finger guard (for right or left handed) also called finger tabs. You can also protect your torso and bust with a chest protector. Finally, for more comfort, it is advisable to carry a quiver with you to store your arrows.

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