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Which pistol crossbow to choose?


Crossbow pistols consist of a bow and a pistol grip. Depending on its power, it is able to shoot an bolt up to 25 meters. Made in a compact and lightweight design, the pistol crossbow facilitates the initiation of crossbow shooting. However, its use is delicate to avoid accidents.


At Hattila, you can choose from a wide range of pistol-crossbows at the best prices online, thanks to our extensive collection. The most popular models on the market are on display: Crossbow Crocodile, EK Cobra, Hori-zone and others. According to each shooting style and budget, find the pistol crossbow that suits you best among our wide variety of products. You will also find everything you need to optimize your shooting: aluminum bolt, shooting poster, spare string or red dot sight.

How to use a gun crossbow?

  • Before use, make sure that the safety device of your weapon is engaged. Only use bolts that match your crossbow. There are different types of bolts, so make sure it is appropriate. Keep the safety on until you are ready to shoot.
  • Always remember to point the weapon in a safe direction and plan what to do if the target is missed. Put your hands under the string and out of the way, one on the stock and the other on the hand guard. Avoid shooting in water or on hard surfaces, as the bolt may ricochet and create an accident.
  • Before cocking the bolt, make sure all shooting conditions are met. First, get comfortable in your stance. Then, pull the string with your hands until you hear a click, release the safety catch, after which you can shoot. Do not use your hands or the rope to disarm the gun, as this can damage the tool.
  • Maintenance of the rope is very important to make it last longer. Use a special wax on the rope to care for it; this will limit the friction between the rail and the rope. Repeat this process every 4 to 5 shots, as a lot of grease will be expelled with each shot.
  • The gun crossbow is often used outdoors. It will then be more exposed to moisture, which will promote the development of rust. To avoid this problem, grease the pins and pulleys every 2 or 3 months. If there are any problems when reassembling the parts, call a professional to make sure they are properly assembled.
  • It is true that the body of this powerful crossbow does not require much maintenance. However, remember to regularly check the condition of the screws and their tightness. Be aware that frequent use and the power of this weapon can put a strain on these screws.

How to choose the right gun crossbow?

Depending on your needs, choose from the many lines of pistol crossbows available on the market. Designed for our time as a sporting weapon, it helps you maximize shooting precision while having fun. This buying guide to the best crossbows explains everything you need to know.

How to choose the right gun crossbow?

In addition to power, other technical factors such as weight and speed must be considered.

With a lightweight bow, maneuverability is increased. For example, the type of material can reduce the weight of the crossbow. However, don't focus on this point, because the heavier the crossbow, the better it performs. As for the bolt speed, it is a combination of the mass and the bolt's form factor. It is represented by m/s.

For the ergonomics, it is also an important factor to understand if you want to have a good grip. You can also ensure the performance of your shots while having an easy to use weapon.

Ask for our advice!

Ask our experts at Hattila to help you choose the right pistol crossbow for you. Our team will be able to guide you on the best choice in our online store.