Plastic crossbow arrows 50 and 80 lbs Expand

Plastic crossbow arrows 50 and 80 lbs


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Ideal for 50 and 80 lbs recreational crossbows, these plastic arrows will allow you to practice target shooting. These arrows for crossbows are sold in sets of twelve. To increase their life, choose a special crossbow target.

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Plastic arrows for 50 and 80 lbs crossbows

A lot of 12 arrows at this very small price, and in 3 different colors: you can play 3 by shooting 4 arrows each!

Quantity in the pack: 12 arrows
Length: 16cm
Diameter: 6mm
Plastic material
Use: target shooting
Compatible with: 50 and 80 lbs mini crossbows

You will be able to arm your crossbow of leisure 50 lbs and to practice shooting on target, alone or between friends, thanks to these plastic arrows sold in pack of 12 in three different colors, which allows you to play several.

Do not shoot in a target that is too hard (example: against plywood or a tree) or too weak (which will be pierced like cardboard), the best is to use one of our special targets crossbow or choose a target like foam compressed.

Go immediately to to find crossbow tiles for your crossbow and your practice. Our entire team is at your disposal and will advise you in your choice of arrows for crossbow.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs CAUTION: CROSSBOWS ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a ticket (or worse) if you carry mounted in a public place. Make sure you keep children, pets and take to a place that is not likely to hurt someone if you miss your target.

Hattila assumes no responsibility for the use of this product, as a weapon of the fourth class, it must be transported in packaging and properly closed.

For shooting practice safely, we recommend wearing protective clothing, but also the respect of safety practices. The wearing of any article having the appearance of a weapon, even if it does not have the function is strictly forbidden in public.

Plastic crossbow arrows 50 and 80 lbs
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Based on 7 reviews

  • Alain A.
    Published 10/07/2019 à 14:15 (Order date: 11/06/2019)

    Produits de qualité. Je recommande

  • Alain F.
    Published 17/01/2019 à 17:05 (Order date: 06/01/2019)

    Très bien

  • Fabrice L.
    Published 09/07/2017 à 08:02

    Assez solide pour du pvc

  • Emmanuel D.
    Published 16/02/2017 à 16:00

    Très bon produit un peu fragile quand même au niveau des plumes!!!

  • Jean-Pierre F.
    Published 17/12/2016 à 12:19

    Nickel rien à dire

  • Tarnaud T.
    Published 15/12/2016 à 14:12

    Super cette petite arbalète . Indispensable en fait tellement je m'amuse avec vise très bien. Certe le viseur est en plastique mais à ce prix il fait le job et le fait bien. Prévoir une cible et des flèches en plus (conseil perso)

  • Alexis G.
    Published 15/12/2016 à 09:38

    produit idem a ce que j'ai commander


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