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Avalon Trupeep peep sight
Avalon Trupeep peep sight

Avalon Trupeep peep sight

Enjoy perfect sight alignment during your bow shooting sessions with this Avalon Trupeep peep sight!

- Avalon, 5646

In stock

In stock


Avalon Trupeep peep sight: excellent value for money

The Avalon Trupeep peep sight is an accessory widely used for target shooting, 3D and hunting. This bow sight model features a shading port that provides perfect alignment. It includes a string groove that is perfectly angled to allow the peep to remain parallel to your bow at full draw.

Characteristics of the Avalon Trupeep peep sight:

  • Sizes : 1/32 inch (0.078 cm), 3/64 inch (0.12 cm), 1/16 inch (0.16 cm), 3/32 inch (0.24 cm), 1/8 inch (0.32 cm), 3/16 inch (0.48 cm), 7/32 inch (0.56 cm) and ¼ inch (0.63 cm)
  • Color: black, blue, red, smoke, orange, green and purple
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