Crossbow Cobra RX 130 lbs Expand

Crossbow Cobra RX 130 lbs


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The Cobra RX crossbow is the most powerful cobra with 130 lbs of power. Like the Cobra R9 it has the same system of arming and assembly.

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Crossbow EK Archery Cobra RX

This crossbow is very beautiful and very easy to arm also thanks to the cocking lever included.
To arm the cobra RX crossbow just unlock the lever at the handle and push it forward: it's all the restraining mechanism of the rope that will advance to capture the rope, then you put the lever back in place and the crossbow is armed.

The bow of this crossbow is dismounted very easily and very quickly to meet the European regulation that requires the weapons to be "non-functional" during their transport.

This crossbow 130 lbs which shoot arrows of 15 inches at 250 km / h which has nothing to envy crossbows 150 lbs whose speed is often 230 km / h.

Equipped with 4 21mm Picatinny rails it's easy to add accessories to customize your Cobra R9 crossbow:
- 1 rail in sight on the top
- 1 rail under the nose
- 2 rails on the sides at the front

Security automatically engages when armed.
The crossbow is protected from damage by the anti-shooting system, the cobra R9 crossbow has a anti-vacuum mechanism that rises when you insert an arrow. If you do not put an arrow and then pull the rope will be retained by this mechanism, you can even disarm the crossbow.
NEVER fire empty, do not go around the security to disarm the crossbow by shooting without arrow. An empty shot could break the rope and / or bow.

Delivered with:
- an adjustable buttstock
- a shoulder strap
- a handful
- viewfinder red dot type reflex
- 6 arrows 15 inches
- a pair of safety glasses
- a tube of lubricant 0,15oz
- 1 notice in English

Power: 130 lbs
Speed ​​of the arrows: 230 fps is 252 km / h
Weight: 2 Kg
Length: 54 cm
Width armed: 40 cm
Unarmed width: 47 cm

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineursWARNING: THE ARBALETTES ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a contravention (or worse) if you transport mounted in a public place.
Be sure to keep children, animals, and fire away from a place that will not hurt someone if you miss your target.

- Never dry fire
- Do not allow your fingers to protrude above the rail when the rope is armed
- Use a suitable target, do not shoot in a target that is too hard like a tree or a wall
- Do not carry the assembled crossbow, it must be disassembled for each transport
- Do not store the crossbow leaving the rope
- Sale, detention and use prohibited to minors

Hattila is not responsible for the use of this product. The crossbow is on sale in France to people over 18 years according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of 30 July 2013 - weapons category D, 2 °, h).
For a practice of shooting safely, we recommend the wearing of protective clothing, but also the respect of security practices.

Crossbow Cobra RX 130 lbs
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Based on 2 reviews

  • Miquel D.
    Published 14/10/2019 à 18:07 (Order date: 23/09/2019)

    super arbalete juste une flehe un chouilla abime rien de mechant

  • Jean Noel O.
    Published 06/09/2019 à 21:17 (Order date: 23/08/2019)

    Magnifique matériel très efficace excepté les carreaux d'arbalète en 15 pouces


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