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Cobra RX Adder automatic crossbow


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The Cobra RX Adder crossbow is a semi-automatic crossbow (a charger installs an arrow as soon as you arm the crossbow).
You can shoot five crossbow strokes without reloading each shot, lever arming allows you to draw 5 strokes in less than 15 seconds!

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Availability date: 2019-11-20

Crossbow EK Arch ry Cobra RX Adder

This is the first automatic crossbow sold in the trade!

The Cobra R9 crossbow was already easy to arm with its innovative cocking lever, the Cobra RX crossbow is even more advanced thanks to its new 130 lbs bow and the Cobra RX Adder crossbow combines both and adds more 5-stroke automatic loader!

Features of the Cobra RX Adder:

Weight: 2.35 Kg
Power: 130 lbs
Speed ​​of the lines: 270 FPS (296 km / h)
Length: 53 cm
Width armed: 39 cm
Unarmed width: 46 cm
Rope race: 18 cm

Adjustable stock in length
Very fast assembly / disassembly system by pin
Compatible with many accessories thanks to 4 picatinny rails
Rope and vibration dampers


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