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EK Compact Stock Crank Cocker


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This crank is designed for crossbows equipped with EK Archery's Compact buttstock, making it easy to arm the crossbow.

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Arm Crank for EK Archery Compact Crossbow Brace

To use this crank it will replace your Compact stock by the one provided in the kit, the new stock has a rail to fix the mechanism.
This crank has been designed to facilitate the arming of your crossbow. This is ideal if your arm is aching or you do not want to force it with the manual band.

Read the user manual below and look at the pictures.

Weight of the crank: 570 grams
Weight of crank + stock: 790 grams

Kit Contents:

- 1 Compact buttstock
- 1 arm crank

User Manual :

1) Replace the Compact stock with the new stock provided in the kit. The new stock has a rail to fix the crank.
2) Attach the crank to the buttstock using the rail provided for this purpose.
3) Press the aluminum lever to release the ratchet
4) Shoot the hooks to go catch the rope, passing under the crossbow
5) Pass the middle of the rope through the chute located at the back of the handle (this reduces the force required for arming)
6) Check that the cable of the crank passes well on the crossbow
7) Install crank handle and turn until rope is secure and safety locks in (turns green)
8) To release the rope of the hooks it is necessary to press a little on the crank to be able to press on the aluminum lever which will release the ratchet
9) You can remove the hooks and use your crossbow

WARNING !!! : Do not forget step 5 above. If you do not run the cable from the crank through the chute as in the photos you may break the cable of your crank.

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EK Compact Stock Crank Cocker
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Based on 4 reviews

  • Alexis S.
    Published 27/02/2020 à 13:52 (Order date: 03/02/2020)

    Bon produit, très utile.

  • Eric D.
    Published 24/02/2020 à 20:07 (Order date: 24/01/2020)

    En métal et semble bien adapté, reste à faire les essais.

  • Francis G.
    Published 25/10/2019 à 13:45 (Order date: 11/10/2019)

    Très bon produit ...comme indiqué sur le site . Je recommande fortement ce site....

  • Bruno L.
    Published 31/03/2019 à 01:26 (Order date: 23/02/2019)



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