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Quest G5 Radical Compound Bow Package

Quest G5 Radical Compound Bow Package

Whether you're new to archery or ready to take the next step, the Quest G5 Radical compound bow is ideal! Its size and weight make it very easy to handle and its simple design allows for a wide range of easily achievable settings. With a draw weight ranging from 15 to 70 lbs and an adjustable draw length from 18 to 30 inches (44.45 to 76.2 cm), this bow is suitable for any type of archer, from the young hunter to the adult shooter.

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Quest G5 Radical Compound Bow Package: a very wide range of settings to meet the changing needs of growing archers

The Quest G5 Radical compound bow is very easy to set up (no bow press required) and offers a wide range of draw lengths from 17.5 to 30 inches (44.45 to 76.2 cm). With an adjustable draw weight from 15 to 70 lbs, it suits any type of archer whether beginner or more experienced and is particularly suitable for growing archers.

The Radical is equipped with an adjustable string suppressor system, Limbsaver dampeners, and cable guard that reduce vibration and string drag to make the shot much quieter.

The design of the Radical compound bow provides a high degree of accuracy and consistency in the shooting.

This compound bow kit gives you everything you need to start the great archery experience!

The package includes in addition to the Radical compound bow:

  • 1 x Head-Loc Quiver
  • 1 x Halo Rest
  • 1 x Stabilizer G5
  • 1 x Neoprene sling
  • 1 x G5 5-pin sight
  • 1 x Meta peep

Characteristics of the Radical:

  • Axle-to-axle: 29.25 inches (74.29 cm)
  • Adjustable draw length: from 17.5 to 30 inches (44.45 to 76.2 cm)
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs 1474 grams
  • Brace height: 7.13 inches or 18.11 cm
  • Arrow speed factory measured: 295 fps or 323.69 km/h
  • Max draw weight: 15 - 70 lbs
  • Max let-off: 75 - 85%
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finishing: painted

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