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Leisure crossbows: it's time to test!

You practice archery and want to discover a new activity? Are you an amateur and curious about anything to do with edged weapons? Discover without further delay the leisure crossbows, more commonly known as crossbow pistols. We promise you great practice sessions in your garden!

The crossbow, a handy weapon

Recreational crossbows have the significant advantage of weighing between 0.7 and 2.2 pounds which allows for great mobility.

In its principle, the crossbow is nothing more than a bow for which the tension of the string is maintained, no longer by the physical force of the shooter, but by a rigid piece called the “arbier”, organized to support the bolt, retain the string and release it at the moment of shooting by means of a simple mechanism.

Once the string is taut, the shooter no longer has to exert any physical effort while aiming. This makes it easier to adjust the shot. Crossbow pistols will not provide power or accuracy, but they are a very good alternative for garden hobbies or for training as part of an introduction to the principles of target shooting.

Finally, thanks to a crossbow, it is also possible to shoot efficiently in prone position. The shooter retains good mobility and freedom of movement, which can be very useful if it is a hunting crossbow.

Special models of crossbows

The main disadvantage of the crossbow is the rearming time. Some brands have been working on this issue and now offer crossbows with quick string rearming systems. This system can be found on Barnett crossbows, for example. The rearmament is made easier and above all faster, which can be very useful in the practice of some activities.

Some models also feature the addition of a pulley system, a hoist or a force reduction system, which will also make rearmament easier and require less effort than a conventional system. So why not treat yourself to this pleasure?

What about accessories?

Crossbow munitions are commonly known as bolts. The principle of a bolt is essentially the same as that of an arrow, but with some significant differences.

First of all, they are much shorter than the arrows of a conventional bow. The bolts are therefore more stable and will be less sensitive to bending which disturbs the regularity of the shot. It is easier to obtain a regular and straight shot with a crossbow than with a classical bow.

You should also consider getting a pair of scopes to be more precise in your shots, as well as more powerful broadhead or spare strings. We will be able to advise you in your choices to maximize your first experience with recreational weapons purchased on Hattila.com.

Whether you are looking for an automatic crossbow, a compound crossbow or a crossbow pistol, you will find what you need in the range of crossbows for sale on Hattila.com! Have a look at our crossbow articles to help you make your choice. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information before finalizing your crossbow purchase!