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Hattila.com : the reference in terms of online armory!

Hattila.com is the key site for all edged weapons lovers. Whatever your use of edged weapons (hunting weapons, leisure weapons or simple collector), you will find everything you need on our website. Very easy to use, Hattila.com is the reference in terms of online armory!

The hunter

Hunting is your passion? Do you hunt with a bow or crossbow? No problem, we have what you need. Hattila.com offers a great selection of bows and crossbows of all sizes and types: hunting crossbows, compound crossbows, automatic crossbows, Barnett crossbows...

Finally, don't neglect small tools (hunting knives, daggers, slingshots...) which, although they are not hunting weapons, will be useful as multifunction tools or when practicing bushcraft.

The sportsman

You're a target shooting sports fanatic? The bows, crossbows and other slingshots available for purchase online at Hattila.com are for you! Their performance and shooting accuracy will make your activities more and more exciting!

Don't forget to have a look at our range of accessories (quarrels, bolts, scopes, etc...).

The collector

It is rather the aesthetic aspect of edged weapons that interests you, more than their functions? Do you like their shapes and materials? You are a collector! Here again, Hattila.com offers you all kinds of edged weapons as original as they are decorative.

You will find on our website a beautiful selection of katanas (bokken, wakisashi, iaïto, shinai, daisho...), axes (war axes, battle axes, medieval axes), nunchakus, crossbows and other medieval weapons.

The archer

The Hattila.com website is a real online archery with its choice of bows, crossbows for leisure or hunting, survival accessories, knives (true archer's companion) and machetes. You will find precision equipment for all levels, experienced adults, beginners and even children.

So, whatever your profile and your needs in edged weapons, don't wait any longer! Go online at Hattila.com. All you have to do is choose what you need, validate your basket and pay for your order. You will be delivered by Colissimo to your home within 48 hours after validation of your order!

In addition, the accessories adapted to your weapon will be automatically suggested to you before the finalization of your purchase. You can now treat yourself without feeling guilty by choosing what suits you in our ranges of katanas, swords, axes, crossbows, rifles and pellet guns, hunting knives, etc... And, you will no longer have any excuse to not start learning nunchaku!