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Target shooting: a sport like no other!

Target shooting is a very complete sport that can be practiced in different ways (crossbow, bow, airsoft, javelin target shooting, knife throwing, etc...). Whichever weapon you choose, you'll find it easily on Hattila.com!

Archery: the basis of target shooting

Traditionally, target shooting is practiced with a bow and arrows. It is a very complete sport that requires great dexterity and good physical condition. In addition to the bow and arrows that you will obviously find on Hattila.com or in an archery near you, you will also need a suitable target.

You can also practice it with a crossbow (automatic crossbow, crossbow pistol, Barnett crossbow, etc.) and bolts. Practicing target shooting with a crossbow requires the archer to use less force in the upper body and allows more precision on the shooting target. It's up to you to choose between the two, it's a matter of taste!

Airsoft, a fun variation

Airsoft is a target shooting game using replica firearms propelling 0.23 or 0.31 inch plastic balls with compressed air or pressurised gas, with a weight varying between 0.003 once and 0,01 once. These balls are, in most cases, biodegradable.

These replica weapons were originally designed for collection or target shooting. Many enthusiasts then had the idea of using their replica guns in a team sport activity where one of the main issues is the elimination of the opposing team.

All players are equipped with mandatory eye protection and in the absence of any visible mark left on the players by the impact of the opponent's balls, the counting of hits depends on the sincerity of the players hit.

A more original practice

Among the most original target-shooting practices is the target-shooting javelin. Javelin target shooting is a traditional game that has become a sport discipline recognized in France by the Ministry of Youth and Sports since 1984. It is mainly played in the north of France, Belgium and Hungary.

Knife throwing is also practiced on a shooting target. It requires special equipment and in particular a very specific knife called a throwing knife. Do not think of practicing this discipline with a hunting knife, dagger, dagger or other tool used more specifically for hunting or bushcraft. You will need a dedicated throwing knife for safety!

Don't wait any longer to start practicing target shooting, a fun and complete outdoor sport! Find all the necessary equipment on Hattila.com. Our entire team is at your disposal to help you choose the most suitable edged weapons for your target shooting practice. Contact us now to find out more!