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Slingshot games: a family activity!

The artisanal slingshot finds its origins at the end of the 19th century. At that time rather rustic, the modern slingshot is now very sophisticated. At Hattila.com, you will find the model and accessories you need for your practice.

The charms of the artisanal slingshot

The "rustic" slingshot consists of a piece of wood in "Y" and a rubber band (rubber band with tourniquet, inner tube of bicycle, etc...) It is very simple to make a slingshot in a artisanal way.

You can suggest teaching your children how to make a slingshot. They will be delighted! However, when the time comes to practice, a wooden slingshot may not be very effective. If you wish to continue your practice, it will be preferable to acquire a powerful slingshot, a modern model of industrial manufacture. Less charming but more effective in action!

The practice of slingshot sports

Modern slingshot consist of a metal frame, an ergonomic plastic handle and a moulded latex rubber band. Some of them can even be fitted with advanced equipment such as an ergonomic handle (finger shape, non-slip grip, pistol shape, etc...), an armrest that relieves the wrist and offers better shooting comfort, a stabilizer (weights that ensure inertia to the slingshot) or an optical or laser sighting system that allows a very accurate shot at more than 43.7 yds.

In France, there is no championship, but in other countries, such as Spain or the United States, slingshots are the instruments of a popular sporting practice, with championships and associations.

What kind of munitions to use?

The slingshot can be used with several types of munition: pebbles, glass balls, steel balls, lead balls (hunting), paintball balls, nuts, etc...

As a rustic weapon, the slingshot has long been used with stones, as its name suggests. The use of heavier and harder projectiles is nowadays favoured: the density of the projectile allows a more precise and more distant shot. The accuracy of the shot depends for the projectile, its weight (density of the material) and its roundness (better aerodynamics for long distances). But it is above all a matter of taste and practice.

You must first determine the practice you plan to do. If it's a family game of slingshot, choose light projectiles for more safety. If you want to practice slingshot sports, it is imperative that you find out about the most suitable munitions in terms of weight and aerodynamics.

Finally, if it is a hunting slingshot that you plan to acquire, especially for birds or small game, prefer heavy munitions that will be more effective in this case.

Whatever you want and need, you'll find the slingshot of your dreams at Hattila.com. Contact us directly if you need advice o