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The most important rule: NEVER SHOOT EMPTY!

In your parcel, you'll find (depending on the part number) :

  • The crossbow body
  • The bow
  • One metal plate, two rubber plates, and one metal screw

You need to assemble them in this order:

Place the plastic dollies (supplied with the string) on either side of the bow, where the crossbow string will attach to them.

The bow is protected by two rubber plates. The screw rests on the metal plate that holds the bow and its rubbers.

To install your crossbow string :

You can use a dummy string or climb by hand; we'll discuss the second method here.

Enlist the help of a friend. The stronger of the two people will grasp each end of the bow and pull it back (as when the bow is braced for shooting). If your crossbow is so equipped, place your foot in the stirrup to keep it on the ground, and don't hesitate to pull hard.

While you are pulling on the bows, the second person will set up the string (don't forget to set up the dolls first), so watch your fingers...

The string supplied is not too short, so if you can't manage it, you're not pulling enough on the bows.

We have a crossbow model that's very easy to assemble/dismantle, since the string is installed on the bow at the factory and to disassemble the bow you don't need to remove the string. Available in wood and camo.

To use your crossbow properly:

  • Lubricate the string regularly (we sell grease for crossbow strings here).
  • Never shoot empty, always use an arrow.
  • The arrow comes to rest against the string, there is no space between the two (the string could jump and go over the arrow).
  • Some crossbow models have a string restraint that can appear upside down (especially the175-pound XB21 crossbow), so you have to pull hard on the string to cock it, go deep and keep the string pressed against the rail (it's a little tricky, nothing extraordinary).

Safety reminder (read, it takes 10 seconds):

  • Never aim at people or animals (crossbow hunting is prohibited in France),
  • The purchase and possession of a crossbow (regardless of its power) is reserved for adults who can prove their age,
  • When shooting for pleasure, try to use an obstacle (wall, mound of earth...) behind your target to avoid stray arrows and therefore accidents,
  • If you're shooting at home, keep children and pets away. Keep your crossbow pointed down and safety on until you're ready to take aim and fire.