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In your package, you will find (according to the references):

  • The body of the crossbow
  • The bow
  • One metal plate, two rubber plates, and one metal screw.

You'll have to put them together in this order:

Place the plastic dolls (filled with the string) on each side of the bow, the string of your crossbow will be attached to it.

The bow is protected by the two rubber plates, the screw comes to press on the metal plate which will hold the bow and its rubbers, these last ones absorb a good part of the shock wave, they are important.

To install the string for your crossbow:

You can use a false string or you can use " the hand", we will talk here about the second method.

Get help from a friend. The stronger of the two people will grab each end of the bow and pull them back (like when the bow is bandaged for shooting). If your crossbow is equipped with this then place your foot in the stirrup to hold it down, don't hesitate to pull hard.

While you are pulling the bows, the second person will put the string in place (don't forget to put the dolls in front), be careful with the fingers.

The string provided is not too short, if you don't succeed it means that you don't pull enough on the bows.

We have a crossbow model that is very easy to assemble/disassemble since the string is installed on the bow at the factory and to disassemble the bow you don't need to remove the string. You will find it in wood and camo color.

To use your crossbow properly:

  • Lubricate the string regularly (we sell crossbow string grease here)
  • Never shoot empty, always use a bolt
  • The bolt hits the string, there is no space between the two, (the string might jump and go over the bolt)
  • There are models of crossbows that have a string restraint that can seem upside down (especially the 175 lbs crossbow XB21), you have to pull hard on the string to cock, go deep and keep the string pressed against the rail (it's a method to take, nothing extraordinary).

Security reminder (read, it takes 10 seconds):

  • Never aim at a person or an animal (crossbow hunting is forbidden in France),
  • The purchase and possession of a crossbow (regardless of its strength) is reserved for adults who can prove their age,
  • When shooting at leisure try to use an obstacle (wall, mound of earth...) behind your target to avoid lost bolts and therefore accidents,
  • If you shoot at home, keep children and animals away. Keep your crossbow pointed down and safety on until you are ready to face up and shoot.