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Crossbow buying guide for beginners

Have you tried crossbow shooting and would like to continue by buying your own crossbow? Models and prices vary, and it's hard to choose. Here are a few tips to help you.

several types of crossbow, choosing the right crossbow

How to choose a crossbow

Choosing the right equipment is complicated: between power, use and type of crossbow, it's easy to get lost.

Unlike the bow, the choice of power is not primarily based on your morphology or level, but rather on the activity you wish to practice. The higher the power, the faster (but not necessarily farther) your arrow will go, and the more forcefully it will hit its target.

The other tricky choice is the difference between a pulley crossbow and a conventional crossbow. A pulley crossbow is more difficult to adjust initially, but easier to cock and less sensitive to trigger mechanics. They are also generally more powerful, as the limbs are often steeper and produce more energy. Compound crossbows are also shorter, but more fragile, and in the event of string breakage, it's complicated to repair without special equipment. Compound crossbows are used for hunting and sport shooting.

A recurve or classic crossbow is easier to maintain and will be preferred for leisure shooting. In the classic crossbow range, pistol crossbows are very well represented. Lightweight and easy to handle with just one hand, they are equipped with a safety. They are also less powerful, with a shorter range.

The final parameter to bear in mind is the choice of materials. Steel limbs have been replaced by lighter composite materials, and some manufacturers offer crossbows with lighter wooden, reinforced plastic or skeletonized barrels. It's important to remember that the heavier thecrossbow for beginners, the more stable it is and the more accurate the shot.

Crossbows comparison on Hattila.com

Hattila.com is a specialist in crossbows on the Internet, offering a wide choice from beginners' crossbows to hunting equipment with pulley crossbows.

Mini crossbow or crossbow pistol :

mini crossbow for kids

Rated from 50 to 80 lbs, these are pleasantly mobile, easy-to-handle leisure crossbows, but without the advantages of the superior models, which have power, precision and projectile speed.

With attractive prices ranging from €19.99 for the 50-lb. crossbow pistol to €44.90 for the 80-lb. Cobra Gold crossbow pistol, this equipment is a welcome alternative for hobby or beginner shooting. The mini crossbow is a one-handed crossbow for children.

Classic crossbows, Adult beginners target shooting :

shooting center for adult beginners

With a power rating of between 120 and 150 lbs, these crossbows are precise and allow you to start target shooting as a leisure activity for adults. They're not too expensive, with a pleasant design and a good grip.

The lighter,black 120-pound model in fiberglass and aluminum, priced at €99.00, will take you anywhere. Easily dismantled and powerful, the 150 lb Camo crossbow with pre-mounted string is extremely practical and handy, priced at €129.00.

Heavy crossbows :

heavy hunting crossbow game shooting

Popular for sport, target shooting, hunting or survival, these weapons range in power from 175 to 200 lbs, enabling shots from 50 meters to over 100 meters for the most powerful. Discover our heavy crossbow models.

The MK-XB21 175-lb crossbow, with quiver and red dot, is also available as a complete package for €229.00. Its power and precision make it an excellent hunting weapon.

Pulley crossbows :

Compound crossbows sold on Hattila.com are perfect for hunting or sport shooting. Precision and easy to recock, prices are affordable, with a 175-pound crossbow starting at €399.00 and the 200-pound Missile crossbow at €590.00.

Which crossbow for which audience?

Lightweight, easy-to-handle crossbow pistols rated at 50 or 80 pounds are ideal for beginners, children over 8 years of age and recreational shooters.

Classic crossbows in the 120-150 lb range are best suited to shooting sports enthusiasts. Their precision and power allow you to practice shooting at several dozen meters.

Finally, heavy crossbows with or without pulleys, rated at 175 lbs, are aimed at serious shooting enthusiasts, survivalists and hunters (prohibited in France, but authorized in other European countries).