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Top 5 Cheap Crossbows

In the crossbow market, the choice is wide and prices vary from single to double or sometimes more for some advanced equipment imported from the United States. This classification of inexpensive crossbows makes it easy to know and clearly understand which crossbow to choose and at what price.

The products offered by Hattila.com, your online crossbow shop, are imported directly from the manufacturer and are of high quality.

  1. The mini crossbow for beginners

    Light and handy, the mini crossbow for beginners is an ideal gift at the best price for a child who will be able to practice leisure shooting under adult supervision. The first shots being difficult to master, this less powerful throwing weapon makes it easier to get used to it. With a range of more than 10.9 yds, it is recommended to practice target shooting in a large secure garden or in a shooting center.

    Hattila.com offers a cheap pack containing a 50-lbs crossbow for right or left handed shooters with a pack of 12 plastic bolts and a spare string at the price of €39.29. You will also find a beginner's crossbow for less than €20.

  2. The crossbow pistol for one-handed shooting

    The crossbow pistol is a low-cost handgun for recreational shooting up to about ten yds. Perfect for sunny days in the garden and shooting sessions on various targets indoors or outdoors, the 50-lbs model is ideal for beginners, while the 80-lbs crossbow pistol, which is more powerful and particularly accurate, will appeal to sports shooting enthusiasts.

    The model presented on Hattila.com is rechargeable with only one hand and it is possible to add accessories such as a scope that you will also find on the site. The first prices range from €44.90 to €65.53 for a complete package including an extra cheap crossbow bolt pack and a spare string.

  3. The medium crossbow with sight

    With a power between 120 and 150 lbs, the classic crossbow with sight is for shooting sport enthusiasts who want to train with a quality throwing weapon. With good power and great accuracy, you can practice shooting at several dozen yds. Crossbows from 120 to 150 lbs remain handy and are easy to reload.

    With a first-price model with 120 lbs of power at €99.00, you order a quality product on Hattila.com that can make a great gift. All the accessories sold on the site fit perfectly. A complete package including a 150 lbs camouflage crossbow, a sight, a mounted rope, a quiver, 6 x 14 inches bolts and an extra string is at the exceptional price of 200.61 €.

  4. The hunting crossbow

    Hunting crossbows are divided into two powers: 150-lbs crossbows for small game and 175 or 180-lbs models for large game. Crossbow hunting is forbidden in France, but allowed in other countries where Hattila can deliver your products. These powerful weapons can also be used for target shooting.

    The 150-lbs metal crossbow pack on display at Hattila.com at the price of €125.86 must be supplemented by broadheads that can be easily fitted to the bolts.

    The first price on Hattila.com for a 180-lbs hunting crossbow is € 129.00 with a cheaper, less bulky folding model. A complete hunting crossbow package at a low price of € 295.00 is also available for the 175-lbs FURIOUS model.

  5. The compound crossbow

    A high-precision, high-powered, state-of-the-art weapon, the compound crossbow is equipped with an ingenious system for quick rearming and easier string tensioning. These more sophisticated crossbows are also more expensive. Models with a power of 175 to 200 lbs are more reserved for big game hunting or sport shooting.

    You will find a high quality first price model, with accessories such as a scope, aluminum bolts, quiver and strap, on the site by Hattila.com at less than 400 €.

    The MISSILE compound crossbow with a power of 200 lbs at the exceptional price of €590.00 is the most powerful. Over-equipped, with its luminous scope, its Band allowing to reload the weapon more easily, a quiver with 3 carbon bolts of 20 inches and a strap, this model has a particularity: its string can be changed very easily thanks to the two screws allowing to tighten and slacken the string.