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The models

Bernard Barnett founded the Barnett Crossbows brand in 1958 with the creation of his first hunting crossbow. Since then, one model after another has surprised hunters, which has earned the American brand a reputation as a leader in the world of hunting and leisure weapons. Barnett crossbows are available in several models that will fit perfectly:

  • For underwater hunting or fishing
  • For a shooting club (precision shooting, target shooting, long distance, etc.)
  • For the practice of outdoor hunting for experienced hunters

What makes them exceptional is above all their design and lightness. They are also high-end crossbows with the latest technology. When it comes to durability, they adapt to even the most extreme conditions. They are available in several ranges: GHOST, Phantom, Recruit, Predator, Raptor, RAZR, the TS 370 and 390, Zombie, Vengeance without forgetting the Buck Commander.

Hattila Barnett crossbow distributor at the best price

Getting the best crossbow on the market is easy when you have the budget. At your Hattila online archery, it's different. For only a small fee, you can get the most beautiful, high-performance hunting crossbow of the moment. The most innovative ones are in stock to the delight of users.

We are of course talking about Barnett crossbows, sold at unbeatable prices, in new condition and with accessories. By definition, high quality often means high price. Light and elegant, Barnett crossbows are worth their price.

Barnett forums, some YouTube videos

In this video, you will discover the power of the Barnett Raptor FX crossbow on a shot at 54.6 yds:

This is a brief presentation of the Barnett recruit 140 lbs crossbow with a shooting speed of 330 fps:

The appearance of the Barnett models is causing reactions in the online hunting communities. On the forums, you can read their craze. For example, the Barnett Raptor crossbow :

"That is an awesome bow you got there Howie, I hope you get yourself a BIG hog with it."

After-sales service and the brand guarantee

Barnett crossbows are throwing weapons of unparalleled quality. The chances of stumbling upon a dysfunctional Barnett crossbow are close to zero. Before using the weapon, please read the instructions carefully. Your dealer offers you a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase of your crossbow. Complaints should be submitted to the same retailer who will explain the conditions for returning the crossbow to the after-sales service if the problem cannot be solved by assistance.

Pieces and accessories

Barnett hunting crossbows are delivered with a full range of tools such as the scope, bolts and quiver. They are ready to shoot and can be adapted to any crossbowman, shooter or archer. All pieces and accessories for crossbows are available in the archery or armoury, whether for replacement, maintenance, transport or just to improve the weapon.

Our opinion on the brand

After testing on Barnett crossbows, we discovered that they are more and more innovative with each new model. The lightness and balance make the weapon very handy, with absolute comfort and shooting accuracy. Contrary to popular belief, you can get a top-of-the-range crossbow like the Barnett at a reasonable price when you know where to buy. There are models for little and tall, with a varied shooting distance (variable power from 130 to 207 lbs), an incredible design (for left and right-handed), with even "girly" models for women (for hunting and recreational shooting).

Buy a Barnett crossbow online

Today, gunsmiths are also jumping on the bandwagon and getting closer to the buyers on the web. There are more online stores than physical shops, and when you buy a crossbow from a gun shop like Hattila.com, it's just a few clicks away. You add your product to the shopping cart, choose the delivery method, and your weapon is delivered to your home in no time without you having to go anywhere.