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Hattila crossbow shop distributor Barnett

Before we look specifically at Barnett crossbows let's take a look at the different types of crossbows:

The crossbow is an exceptional weapon that has traveled through time for thousands of years. From generation to generation, it has performed well and today it is found in the discipline of crossbow shooting under different types.

  • Those that are handled with one hand are the small, light and silent crossbow pistols. Even a child can have fun shooting at targets with this 50-lbs throwing weapon.
  • The 80-lbs crossbows are a little more powerful and can be used for recreational shooting as well as for exterminating vermin.
  • Starting at 120 lbs we are already talking about hunting crossbows for small game, easy to handle and perfect for beginners.
  • At 150 lbs, crossbows are above average. They are powerful and reasonably priced.
  • At 175 lbs and up, they are fearsome crossbows, very advanced and ultra-powerful. For example, Barnett high-end crossbows.

Our stock and Barnett models

Barnett is an American brand of crossbows of very good quality and world renown. Now available at Hattila, crossbow shooters of all categories can find their weapon in the shop :

  • Recruit 130 lbs
  • Barnett Vengeance 165 lbs
  • Barnett Zombie 175 lbs
  • Barnett Ghost 350 CRT 175 lbs
  • Barnett Predator 175 lbs
  • The Buck Commander 185 lbs
  • The Ghost 385 CRT and 410,185 lbs
  • The Barnett CRT370 and CRT370 lbs
  • Barnett Raptor Pro 185 lbs
  • Barnett Predator 207 lbs

Hattila distributor Barnett since September 2019

The adventure with the Barnett brand began for the Hattila archery in September 2019, and this is just the beginning. Having already established itself on the French market with classic crossbows, the online shop is attracting covetousness with the arrival of luxury crossbows. More and more innovative and improved with the latest technology, the models follow one another and surprise French hunters.

Our videos

When buying a new crossbow, the puzzle is the assembly, especially for novices. Even with an instruction manual it can be difficult.Here's how to properly assemble a compound crossbow:

The assembly and disassembly of the crossbow string is another story, but it is not at all complicated, as you can see by viewing the procedure here:

Buy a cheap Barnett crossbow

To have a high-end weapon is to be willing to pay a high price. However, be aware that from 250 euros, it is possible to get a very handy Barnett crossbow at Hattila. What makes them unique is the precision, power, silence and lightness of the materials used. But so that all types of users can enjoy the incredible experience that these American crossbows provide, they are sold by the shop at very competitive prices.

Accessories available on Hattila

For all the crossbows sold in the shop, there are the right accessories and most of them are sold exclusively: bolts, broadheads, quivers, carrying case, lubricant, Bands and targets.

Spare parts are not to be neglected, such as strings, cables, scopes, string dampers, stock or grip.

But when you purchase a crossbow on Hattila, your hunting weapon comes in a ready-to-shoot package that already includes a lot of accessories such as a red dot scope, 2 or 3 bolts and a quiver.

Delivery and service Hattila

Hattila crossbows are delivered free of charge to your doorstep for a purchase of 200 euros within 48 hours on working days. For information, no customs tax to be expected for deliveries in Europe and French Overseas Departments and Territories. Items are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase, and for certain models of Barnett crossbows, the guarantee is up to 5 years. In the event of a malfunction (which almost never happens), please read the user manual carefully. The after-sales service can be contacted by form on the online shop site for all complaints and returns.