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Cheap Barnett Crossbow

There are only a few weeks left before the close of the hunt in January. During this sales period, hunting guns are selling like hotcakes. Hunters are on the alert, especially when it comes to Barnett crossbows, the number one selling brand worldwide.

In France, Hattila has been a reseller since September 2019. Online archery offers the best prices on the market for those looking for a cheap Barnett crossbow. And whatever the need: a gift for the holidays, hunting, leisure shooting or survival, your crossbow is already waiting for you in the online shop.

What about Barnett crossbows?

Before giving you a few good reasons to buy a Barnett Crossbow hunting crossbow, a little history lesson. The brand's first crossbow was born in Bernard Barnett's garage in the UK. Seduced by this little gem he had just invented, his customers multiplied, allowing him to expand his horizons to the United States in Florida where the factory is now located. To this day, nearly one million Barnett crossbows have been sold. Behind the scenes of this successful enterprise hides hard work and the development of weapons close to perfection. Barnett's are the best crossbows for three reasons:

  • They are innovative, state-of-the-art products made from the best materials to meet the standards and demands of the hunt.
  • They are available in a wide range of products for men, women and children, sold at prices that defy global competition.
  • They have a huge potential: power, lightness, precision, speed, design, with the best accessories and spare parts.

Barnett Predator Crossbow

This predator is one of the fastest and most powerful instruments for a good hunting party. Velocity close to 437 fps, power 207 lbs and kinetic energy 156 foot-pounds. On the crossbow, 4 Picatinny rails with a red light point scope. With this, it is impossible to miss your prey, even the fastest, with a single crossbow bolt. In terms of technology, it exceeds all your expectations. The body of the weapon is lightened by the carbon support, which makes it more balanced and precise. That's not all, the RUCS system makes the weapon gravitate forward and propels the rear upward to make the shots even more stable. All in all, it is a fearsome crossbow, ready for the most extreme hunting conditions. If you're looking for a cheap Predator crossbow, go to Hattila. Available as a special offer at 1.399€, this is the best price on the market. A must have in this hunting season which is shaping up to be a good one.

Barnett TS370 Crossbow

Difficult to find a crossbow at a low price these days, this model is available immediately from Hattila. Its power is 185 lbs for a speed of 370 fps. Beware, it's high-end at a reduced price: only 659€ at Hattila.

The performance of a top hunting crossbow is there: Tech aluminum stock eliminating any excess weight, string dampers and caliper eliminating any vibration. Moreover, it's a silent and discreet weapon with standard dimensions, whatever the size of the shooter.

Aesthetic and ergonomic, and your hunting or target shooting parties will become more interesting. Experiencing a crossbow at this level is a real pleasure that you will not want to see anywhere else. In addition, manual Band, red dot scope, quiver, 2 x 20 inch carbon bolts. A weapon ready to shoot in its package that is just waiting for you.

Barnett Recruit Crossbow

If you want to buy a powerful hunting crossbow and save money at the same time, this is the model for you. Features: 130 lbs and 300 fps.

On paper and compared to its predecessors, the Barnett Recruit crossbow appears to be an average weapon. Indeed, it is a mid-range crossbow, but it has nothing to envy the others.

Already, it is quite capable of killing big game. Its speed/power ratio is not bad at all, and more than enough for hunting. Secondly, it's the best tactical crossbow.

Very light (8.1 pounds), compact and balanced, it can be used by a hunter as a beginner, or even a very young shooter. Between speed and accuracy, it is the best value for money at only 329€ at Hattila.