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EK Arhery

Ek Archery crossbow models

EK Archery is one of the world's best recognized brands in the production and sale of bows and crossbows. Ek Archery crossbows and accessories stand out thanks to decades of research into ergonomic design, and thanks to exceptional know-how refined over the years. EK Archery also focuses on making products that are lighter, faster and quieter, while improving accuracy and comfort to ensure an optimal user experience.

EK Archery uses an interactive design process with its users. In this way, its users can test and give their opinion on each product. They can then refine, correct, and even improve their products over and over again. Today, the brand manufactures several types of products: a range of compound bows, crossbows and other excellent archery products that are truly appreciated in the field of sport shooting, hunting, but also recreational shooting.

Concerning crossbows, EK Archery produces several models, each one as efficient and powerful as the other. We can mention for example: the Cobra system range, Accelerator, Blade, Guillotine, Titan, Torpedo, Jaguar or Desert Hawk.

Hattila crossbow EK Archery distributor at the best price

At Hattila, we offer you the different ranges of Ek Archery crossbows and their accessories. As an online archery, Hattila makes it easy for you to buy your favourite crossbows. As Ek Archery is already known for producing reliable, high-performance, yet affordable crossbows, we also offer you the opportunity to purchase its products at the best market price.

Each crossbow sold on our site is brand new and comes with a warranty. Buying an Ek Archery crossbow from Hattila means getting quality at a low price.

EK Archery forums, some YouTube videos

In this video, discover how to set up your Ek Archery Accelerator 370 Crossbow:

Discover in this video the tests carried out on the crossbow EK Archery Cobra R9 Deluxe:

The after-sales service and the guarantee of the brand

Your online archery offers you a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase of your Ek Archery crossbow. However, malfunctions and even less defective products are rare, because the brand's products benefit from a unique manufacturing quality. The assembly, handling and maintenance of each crossbow are already detailed in the user manual. If these steps are followed to the letter, your crossbow will serve you for many years without weakening. Should you ever encounter any problems, Hattila still offers the possibility of a product return or after-sales service.

Pieces and accessories

Each EK Archery crossbow sold on Hattila is delivered with its original accessories. Usually, they are scopes, bolts, quivers, straps, but also the cocking string. For those who wish to improve the performance of their weapon, or to change or maintain certain pieces, our site has a wide choice of accessories to meet your needs.

Our opinion on the brand

Having the opportunity to test several models of crossbows every day, EK Archery models always stand out from the rest thanks to their excellent manufacturing quality. The robustness of its products can be felt just by touch thanks to the materials and the manufacturing process used. For beginners, the easy assembly of these crossbows is a real advantage.

The power, performance, but above all the ergonomics of each product can really impress even more experienced hunters or shooters. The brand aims to be versatile and offers different products to meet the different needs of users (variable power and speed, weapon weight...). Thanks to different models in different designs and colours (black, camouflaged...), Ek Archery offers crossbows to everyone's taste for women, men, left and right handed shooters.

Buy an Ek Archery crossbow online

Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now easy to obtain crossbows online. There are various armories online, however, caution should be exercised in finding a reliable site such as Hattila.com. Compared to physical retailers, Hattila has the great advantage of offering you home delivery in the shortest possible time. Even better, our site even offers you the possibility of free delivery, as well as the possibility of returning and exchanging your product if you are not satisfied after 14 days.