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Discount hunting crossbows: move up a gear!

Crossbow lovers, you've come to the right place! Hattila.com is the expert website for online crossbow sales. Whether you're looking for a compound crossbow, a hunting crossbow, an automatic crossbow or a crossbow pistol, you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Thanks to our wide range of products, you'll discover all the top-quality models with excellent value for money.

In fact, you can practice "discount hunting" with an economical crossbow, because the bolts are recoverable and you won't have to buy new ones regularly, unlike other hunting weapons such as pistols or pellet rifles.

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The crossbow, a powerful bladed weapon

Heavy crossbows with a force of 120, 150 or 180 pounds are generally used as hunting weapons rather than recreational weapons.

The range of these weapons varies according to power, from 20 meters for the weakest to over 150 meters for the strongest. The use of a crossbow of this size is quite different from the use of mini crossbows, commonly known as crossbow pistols.

The same applies to bolt velocity. Hunting crossbows commonly reach a throwing speed of 55 meters per second. The most powerful models, such as Barnett crossbows, can reach 175 meters per second.

Crossbow and survivalism

The hunting crossbow has a special place in the survival equipment of survivalists and bushcraft enthusiasts. This bladed weapon is formidably effective for self-defense and hunting.

However, don't neglect the other bladed weapons needed for survivalism, such as commando knives, hunting knives, daggers and slingshots. These will prove essential for related activities (cooking, odd jobs, clearing brush, etc.).

Crossbows for collectors

In addition to being formidable defensive and hunting weapons, crossbows are also beautiful decorative objects. There are many collectors of decorative edged weapons, and many enthusiasts of hunting crossbows.

The crossbows for sale on the Hattila.com website will look great in your living room and blend in perfectly with your decor.

Don't forget that we also sell a wide range of other edged weapons and medieval weapons that will delight collectors and find a place of choice in any room of your home.

On Hattila.com, you can buy katanas (bokken, iaïto, shinai, daisho, wakisashi...), swords (Japanese, Oriental, Chinese, Arabic...) and axes (battle axe, medieval axe...).

The entire Hattila.com team is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you in your choice and purchasing process.

Whether you're a collector, a hunter, a sportsman, or just a hobbyist, there's no excuse not to have one of the crossbows for sale on Hattila.com!

Together, we'll determine which type ofcrossbow is best suited to you and your practice (hunting crossbow, automatic crossbow, leisure crossbow, pulley crossbow). Don't wait any longer. Contact us today!

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