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Crossbow Pack 150 pounds with pre-assembled string + quivers

Get yourself this extremely practical and handy hunting crossbow! It is equipped with a pre-assembled string and comes with a quiver. No need to remove the string to disassemble your crossbow. Its power makes it an ideal original hunting weapon for hunting enthusiasts or recreational shooters.

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Pack description

Easily removable hunting crossbow with quiver

A model of crossbow more than practical!

This pack contains a 150 lbs collapsible hunting crossbow and a black plastic quiver that can carry up to 6 bolts.

This set will not only allow you to enjoy a crossbow with a pre-assembled string for ease of assembly, but also a quiver that will allow you to store your bolts in a practical and reliable way.

Discover the specifics of the contents of this superb pack below.

Pack content

Get yourself this extremely practical and handy hunting crossbow! With it, you no longer need to remove the string to dismantle your crossbow. Its power makes it an ideal original hunting weapon for hunting enthusiasts or recreational shooters. It is solid and can shoot bolts at 210 fps for a maximum range of 164 yds and accuracy at 27-33 yds.

Crossbow with pre-assembled string easily dismantled: a model of hunting crossbow more than practical!

The great feature of this crossbow with pre-assembled string is its very easy and quick dismantling. When the nose of the crossbow opens, you just need to extract the bow without having to dismantle the string.

Its fiberglass bow ensures high speed and robustness to your hunting crossbow. Easily foldable, it can be transported easily (attention, read the recommendations and reminders to the law). It is a very powerful crossbow perfect for catching game.

Technical characteristics of the 150 lbs crossbow with pre-assembled string:

How to use this crossbow rifle?

  • Place the string of the crossbow in the trigger so that it locks automatically.
  • Thread the bolts by positioning the differently colored wings in the rail so that the string catches the bolt correctly.
  • Aim at your target.
  • Remove the safety with your thumb.
  • Shoot !

Our recommendations for the hunting crossbow 150 lbs:

Do not fire into trees or into targets that are too thin and can be passed through.

To avoid damaging your bolts we recommend the purchase of a false string and a special crossbow target.

This easy-to-disassemble crossbow comes with two bolts. However, you can easily obtain additional sets of crossbow bolts of 14 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches from our online armoury Hattila.com.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: ARBALETS ARE NOT TOYS.
Their sale is forbidden to minors, and you risk a fine (or even worse) if you carry it mounted in a public place. Be sure to keep children and animals away and shoot in a place that won't hurt anyone if you miss your target.

Hattila disclaims all responsibility for the use of this product, being classified as over 18 years old according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of July 30, 2013 - weapons category D,2°,h); it must be transported in its packaging and properly closed.

For safe shooting practice, we recommend that you wear protective clothing, but also that you respect safety practices. Wearing any item that looks like a weapon, even if it does not have the function, is strictly forbidden in public.

Data sheet

Power (lbs)
Speed (FPS)

Black quiver 6 arrows for Crossbows Hattila

Black quiver

Carries up to 6 arrows

Plastic quiver
Capacity of 6 lines

Color blackCollector compatible with:

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