Compound crossbow MISSILE 200 pounds Expand

Compound crossbow MISSILE 200 pounds


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Enjoy a pack of 22-inch carbon arrows offered with the code K2D2VPA9

The most powerful of all compound crossbows: 200 pounds! Extremely powerful she sends the arrows to 444 Km / h

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Enjoy a pack of 22-inch carbon arrows offered with the code K2D2VPA9

Compound crossbow 200 pounds

A beast of competition with the best technologies: 2.8Kg only, speed of the arrows at 444Km /, an adjustable buttstock and an anti-shooting system.

A band is included, it will facilitate the arming.

It is good to know that it is easy to change a rope on a compound crossbow, it is even easier than on a recurve crossbow because you have 2 screws that will relax the rope unscrewing allowing you to change without no effort, once replaced and correctly positioned you screw and the rope is stretched again.

Speed ​​of arrows of 405 FPS (123m / s or about 444 km / h)
Total length of the crossbow: 92.5 - 98 cm
Total width of the crossbow: 51 cm
Weight: 2.8 Kg
Color: Black and Camouflage
It is recommended to use 22-inch carbon arrows

This crossbow has an automatic safety: as soon as the rope is pulled and put in place the crossbow is safe and holds the rope, an ideal security.

We recommend the use of a special crossbows target, so you will not spoil your arrows. Do not shoot at trees or at targets that are too thin and can be crossed by arrows.

The crossbow comes with:
- 1 light telescopic sight 4x32
- 3 carbon arrows 20 inches
- 1 quiver
- 1 band
- 1 strap

Technical information:
- Recommended arrows: 22 inches carbon
- 405 FPS (feet per second, this is the speed of the arrows is about 444Km / h)
- Maximum range of 200 meters

This crossbow 200 pounds is the most powerful offered by Hattila.

This crossbow comes with 3 20-inch carbon arrows. However, you can easily purchase additional 20-inch aluminum or 22-inch carbon crossbow arrows from the online armory among our crossbow arrows. We also offer hunting points more adapted to the game.

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Compound crossbow MISSILE 200 pounds
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Based on 4 reviews

  • Jean-Guy V.
    Published 21/11/2018 à 18:37 (Order date: 07/11/2018)

    Bon produit, je suis satisfait...

  • Jacques A.
    Published 07/10/2018 à 06:49 (Order date: 15/09/2018)

    Rapide . Emballage très correct

  • Laurent P.
    Published 19/04/2018 à 16:02

    Très bonne arbalète, une puissance remarquable, dommage que la notice de montage ne soit pas d'aussi bonne qualité, une notice en couleur avec des photos en couleur serait de mise.

  • David F.
    Published 07/04/2018 à 20:29

    Grosse puissance, esthétique qui dechire

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