Compound crossbow 185 lbs Torpedo Black

Compound crossbow 185 lbs Torpedo Black

The Black Torpedo crossbow is among the most powerful compound crossbows at EK-Archery with 185 lbs this crossbow shooting arrows at 390 km / h, it is also the cheapest crossbows 185 lbs, it comes with a 4x32 telescope, quiver, 3 20 "carbon arrows, strap and arming rope


Crossbow EK Archery Torpedo 185 lbs Black

The arches of this crossbow are made of ultra resistant composite and equipped with anti-vibration rubbers. The crossbow is very easy to assemble since the front is already assembled.
The original arrows of this crossbow go at a speed of 390km / h (355 FPS), it is ideal for hunting or long-range precision shooting.

The Torpedo crossbow engages the safety automatically as soon as the rope is cocked, the safety catch is ambidextrous and this crossbow is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. It is equipped with a stirrup for easy arming.
When the rope is armed safety will prevent you from firing if you have not put an arrow, do not circumvent this security or you risk damaging your crossbow.

Its 22mm Picatinny rail will allow you to install a telescopic sight, a 4x32 non-luminous bezel comes with this crossbow.

The handle of the crossbow Torpedo is adjustable in 5 positions very easily since with just one finger you press the lever and you slide the stick to adapt it to your liking.
The crossbow is equipped with a front handle that is fixed under the front of the crossbow, on a 22mm rail, it can be advanced or retreated for more comfort.

The crossbow is sold with three 20-inch carbon arrows, a quiver, six arrows, an arming rope and a strap.

We advise you to use a special target for crossbows.
There is still no crank band for this crossbow.

Power: 185 lbs
Speed ​​of the arrows: 390 km / h (355 fps)
Length: 90 cm minimum and 95.5 cm with elongated stock
Width: 49.5 cm unarmed and 42 cm army (42.5 cm axis-axis unarmed and 33 cm axis-axis army)
Power stroke: 13 inches or 33 cm (push distance by the rope)
Weight: 3.7 Kg (with quiver, front handle and bezel 4x32)
Brand: EK-Archery
Color: Black (also exists original black color)

Carton content:
- Crossbow EK-Archery Torpedo
- 4x32 telescope
- Quiver 6 arrows
- 3 x Carbon Arrows 20 inches
- Arming rope (bandage)
- Strap
- Wax stick to lubricate the rope
- Protective glasses

Your crossbow is guaranteed 2 years.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: THE ARBALETTES ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a contravention (or worse) if you transport mounted in a public place.
Be sure to keep children, animals, and fire away from a place that will not hurt someone if you miss your target.

- Never dry fire
- Do not allow your fingers to protrude above the rail when the rope is armed
- Use a suitable target, do not shoot in a target that is too hard like a tree or a wall
- Do not carry the assembled crossbow, it must be disassembled for each transport
- Do not store the crossbow leaving the rope
- Sale, detention and use prohibited to minors

Hattila is not responsible for the use of this product. The crossbow is on sale in France to people over 18 years according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of 30 July 2013 - weapons category D, 2 °, h).
For a practice of shooting safely, we recommend the wearing of protective clothing, but also the respect of security practices.

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