Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS Expand

Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS


Hattila, 757


Enjoy a pack of 22-inch carbon arrows offered with the code K2D0VPA9

The most powerful of all 185-pound compound crossbows, with arrows reaching speeds of 450 km/h! It's even faster than the Missile 200 crossbow...

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Enjoy a pack of 22-inch carbon arrows offered with the code K2D0VPA9

Compound crossbow Missile 410 camo 450 km/h

With a weight of only 3Kg this crossbow shoots arrows at a speed of 450Km/h, it is delivered with a 4x32 sight, an adjustable stick, a quiver and an anti-idling system.

A banner is included, it will make it easier for you to arm and the crossbow is compatible with the crank banner for Missile

It is good to know that it is possible to change a rope on a compound crossbow, because you have 2 screws that will loosen the rope on unscrewing allowing you to change it without any effort, once replaced and correctly positioned you screw it back on and the rope tightens again. We suggest and advise you to send us back the front of the crossbow for us to do it, you will only have to pay us the rope and shipping costs.

Tile speed of 410 FPS (125m/s or about 451 km/h)
Total length of the crossbow: NC
Total width of the crossbow: NC
Length of the stroke (powerstroke): 16.5 inches (41.9 cm)
Weight: 3 Kg
Color: Black and Camouflage
Rail width for the bezel: 21mm
It is recommended to use 20-inch carbon arrows

This crossbow has automatic safety: as soon as the rope is pulled and placed, the crossbow is secured and holds the rope, an ideal safety.

We recommend the use of a special crossbow target, so you won't damage your arrows. Do not shoot into trees or into targets that are too thin for the lines to pass through.

The crossbow is delivered with:
- 1 lighted sight 4x32 rail 21mm
- 3 Easton Bloodline 20 inch arrows
- 1 quiver
- 1 banner
- 1 strap

Technical information :
- Recommended booms: 20 inches carbon
- 410 FPS (feet per second, it is the speed of the arrows or about 451Km/h)
- Maximum range of 200 meters, accurate shooting at 100 meters

This 185-pound crossbow is Hattila's fastest 185-pound crossbow.

This crossbow comes with 3 20-inch arrows. However, you can easily get additional 20-inch aluminum or 22-inch carbon crossbow arrow sets from the online gun shop among our crossbow features. We also offer hunting tips that are more suitable for game.


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