Crossbow 80lbs "Cobra" black

Reference : HAT-498

This beautifully designed 80-pound crossbow pistol features a full black fiberglass bow that will give you great strength and durability. It is a crossbow that you can handle with one hand, which will leave you totally free in your movements.

Price : 39,90 €

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More info

The crossbow of leisure with multiple characteristics

Power: 80 lbs
Speed ​​of the arrows: 160 FPS 175 km / h
Recommended arrows: 6.5 inches in aluminum (reference HAT-514)
Weight: 0.920Kg
Length: 50 cm
Width: 44vcm
Light and strong plastic body
Fiberglass bow
3 arrows included

The crossbow is safe as soon as the rope passes in the trigger, so total security to put the arrows.

Ideal for use as a leisure crossbow, this mini crossbow will give you the speed and maneuverability you're looking for. Very safe, the "Cobra Black" crossbow offers a shooting comfort out of the ordinary and will accompany you in all your activities (survivalism, shooting on target, etc ...).

The 80 lbs "Cobra Black" crossbow pistol comes with three arrows. You can, however, easily order additional crossbow arrow games from the Online Armory. Click to find the best crossbow arrows for your hobby weapon.

CAUTION: CROSSBOWS ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a ticket (or worse) if you carry mounted in a public place. Make sure you keep children, pets and take to a place that is not likely to hurt someone if you miss your target.

Hattila assumes no responsibility for the use of this product, as a weapon of the fourth class, it must be transported in packaging and properly closed.

For shooting practice safely, we recommend wearing protective clothing, but also the respect of safety practices. The wearing of any article having the appearance of a weapon, even if it does not have the function is strictly forbidden in public.