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crossbow 40-pound to fish and hunt

HAT-3035 - Hattila, 32

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Pistol Crossbow 40 pounds to go fishing

You do not dream ! You can fish with this crossbow! (Attention to legislation)
And she can shoot 6mm steel balls.

Power: 40lbs - pounds
Speed ​​of the arrows: 115 FPS is 126 km / h
Recommended arrows: 6.5 inch aluminum (HAT-514, HAT-522 or fishing darts)
Weight: 0.8Kg
Length: 29 cm
Width: 28 cm
Plastic body
Arc, rail and metal cable

Content of the crossbow fishing pack:
- Compound crossbow 40 pounds
- 20 steel balls 6mm
- 3 black training arrows
- 3 red fishing arrows with 3 spools of thread
- 3 red hunting darts

Three shooting modes: metal balls, arrows or fishing
- To shoot metal balls you have to pull back the little lever located at the back of the crossbow, you insert the ball from the top and you arm the crossbow. You just have to shoot
- To shoot classic arrows just arm the crossbow, put your arrow (do not forget to push the cocking lever forward) and shoot
- To fish you must arm your crossbow, insert the spool of thread at the front of the crossbow and the arrow on the rail. Remember to put the catch of the wire of the arrow up and to push well forward the cocking lever.

The crossbow gets secure when the rope goes into the trigger as soon as you have fired well. Total security to thread arrows or steel ball.
To remove the safety must push the lever forward, it will press a small button on the back of the crossbow (located below the button for the balls).

Ideal for use as a leisure crossbow, this mini crossbow will give you the speed and maneuverability you're looking for. Very safe, this crossbow offers a shooting comfort out of the ordinary and will accompany you in all your activities (survivalism, shooting target, fishing, etc ...).

The 40-pound crossbow pistol comes with three normal arrows, three hunting arrows and three fishing arrows with their reels.
You can buy more crossbow arrows on Hattila.com online armory.

Its metal construction (bow, rail and body) ensures great strength to your mini crossbow pulley.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs CAUTION: CROSSBOWS ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a ticket (or worse) if you carry mounted in a public place. Make sure you keep children, pets and take to a place that is not likely to hurt someone if you miss your target.

Hattila assumes no responsibility for the use of this product, as a weapon of the fourth class, it must be transported in packaging and properly closed.

For shooting practice safely, we recommend wearing protective clothing, but also the respect of safety practices. The wearing of any article having the appearance of a weapon, even if it does not have the function is strictly forbidden in public.

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Based on 4 reviews

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    Funciona a la perfección

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    un peu déçu de la courte portée.

    Merchant's answer

    Bonjour, nous sommes désolés de vous voir déçu. Il s'agit d'une arbalète de seulement 40 livres en effet, mais conçue pour la pêche, donc une distance assez courte en effet. Cordialement

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