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Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 fps 220 lbs
Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 FPS 220 lbs
Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 FPS 220 lbs
Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 FPS 220 lbs
Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 FPS 220 lbs

Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 430 fps 220 lbs

Compact and narrow, the Ravin R29 crossbow is an excellent choice. Without weighing down your hunting session, it will improve your performance and make it easier to hit your targets. This crossbow's lightweight design is an ideal weapon to facilitate your next sport shooting or hunting session, and will not get in the way during extended use.

Many upgrades have been made to the R29, including its robustness and increased shooting speed and power, with projectiles reaching 430 fps. Factory tuned and assembled, it is ready for the hunt as soon as it is unpacked!

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Crossbow Ravin R29 Dusk Camo 220 lbs: compact and fast for the ultimate experience!

The new Ravin R29 crossbow is incredibly shorter by 14 cm than the R20 without compromising its performance. It continues to deliver arrows at 430 FPS or 471.8 km/h with impeccable precision shooting. The powerful Ravin crossbow has a streamlined design with a 6 inches axis-to-axis length when cocked and weighs only 6.8 lbs. With its ergonomic front handle, the R29 is easy to maneuver in the field or at the shooting range.

With its high speed, frictionless flight system, integrated Versa-Draw arming coil and illuminated easy sighting scope, the R29 Ravin easily achieves higher levels of accuracy at longer distances, even for a novice shooter.

(Crossbow hunting is prohibited in France)

The technical characteristics of the Ravin R29 crossbow :

  • Power : 220 lbs
  • Bolt speed: 430 fps or 293 mph
  • Length: 29 inches
  • Width when cocked (axis-axis): 6 inches
  • Width when uncocked (axis): 10.5 inches
  • Length of stroke (Power Stroke): 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Color : Dusk camouflage

The Ravin R29 220 lbs crossbow comes with :

  • 1 x 109 yds illuminated scope
  • 1 x Quiver for 3 bolts
  • 6 x Arrows 0.8 lbs with 6 tips 0.2 lbs
  • 1 x Pre-installed arming mechanism

The Use of the Ravin R29 Dusk Camo Crossbow :

The advantages of its use :

  • The R29 is equipped with the Versa-Draw, a compact, wound-up cocking system that is neatly stored in the crossbow stock.
  • The cocking arm is removable and can be stored on the same support under the bow that contains the quiver.
  • The design of the R29 Ravin uses what the company calls the frictionless flight system. With this system, the arrow has no contact with the rail at all. The quiver is fixed by the notch at the rear and rests on rollers at the front. This system allows this crossbow to reach a high level of speed and precision.
  • The R29 is a structurally stable crossbow, as it has a solid bridge from front to back.
  • Its modernized handle also creates a comfortable experience for shooters, while increasing shooting accuracy.
  • The R29 is equipped with a Trac-Trigger system, which provides automatic safety and an industry-leading empty shot inhibitor.

Our recommendations for the R29 :

Contact us before ordering your hunting crossbow so we can check the stock!

For more complete archery equipment, choose Ravin accessories, available at your Hattila online gun shop.

And to carry your crossbow anywhere with you, your online archery offers you the special Ravin cover R29!

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