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Crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD 325 lbs
Crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Camo real tree 400 fps 325 lbs
Crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Camo real tree 400 fps 325 lbs

Crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD 325 lbs

Get your hands on this legendary crossbow, the latest addition from the world's most advanced Micro crossbow platform! With a power of 325 lbs, this Excalibur Assassin 400 TD crossbow shoots bolts at a blazing speed of 400 fps. Its special feature: its new high-performance branches that give it the narrowest profile of the entire Assassin line.

A pack of 6 x 22 inches carbon bolts is offered with the promo code: EXCR95R

HAT-MicroAssass400TD - Excalibur, 669

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Crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD 325 lbs: be on the leading edge of crossbow technology!

Introducing the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD, the latest addition to Micro crossbow, the world's most advanced crossbow design platform! It incorporates the best of Excalibur's technology in a legendary weapon equipped with the Quick-Loc Technology disassembly system, a totally silent integrated loading crank, the 2-stage Pro-Shot trigger and a vacuum anti-shot system. All this while allowing you to fire bolts at a blistering speed of up to 400 fps!

The Assassin 400 TD comes with top of the line accessories such as the Tact-100 scope, high quality Black Eagle Pro-Flight bolts, 4 bolts quiver and Tru-Fit stock for a perfect fit.

Technical specifications of the crossbow Excalibur Assassin 400 TD:

  • Power: 325 lbs
  • Arrow speed: 272.7 mph or 400 fps
  • Length: 30 inches to 33 inches
  • Unarmed width: 25 inches
  • Armed width: 19.6 inches
  • Power Stroke (pushing distance by the string): 15 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Color: Real Tree camouflage

The crossbow Excalibur Assassin 325 lbs is delivered with:

  • 1 x Scope TACT 100
  • 1 x Integrated Band
  • 1 x Quiver 4 bolts
  • 4 x Pro-Flight bolts with points 0.2 pound
  • 1 x Explorer case

The use of the Assassin 400 TD Real Tree:

The advantages of its use:

  • Quick-Loc Technology dismantling system
  • Totally silent integrated loading crank handle
  • 2-stage Pro-Shot Trigger
  • Empty anti-pull function
  • Tru-Fit stock for a perfect fit
  • An Explorer Case for convenient storage and effortless compact transportation

Our recommendations for the Assassin 400 TD:

Contact us before ordering so that we can check the stock!

Our online armory online Hatilla.com provides you with several accessories for Excalibur crossbows.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: ARBALETS ARE NOT TOYS.
Their sale is forbidden to minors, and you risk a fine (or even worse) if you carry it mounted in a public place. Be sure to keep children and animals away and shoot in a place that won't hurt anyone if you miss your target.

Hattila disclaims all responsibility for the use of this product, being classified as over 18 years old according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of July 30, 2013 - weapons category D,2°,h); it must be transported in its packaging and properly closed.

For safe shooting practice, we recommend that you wear protective clothing, but also that you respect safety practices. Wearing any item that looks like a weapon, even if it does not have the function, is strictly forbidden in public.

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Reviews about this product

Based on 13 reviews

  • Franck H.
    Published 03/03/2024 à 17:26 (Order date: 21/02/2024)

    Il me manque la housse de transport, sinon conforme.

  • Daniel P.
    Published 21/09/2023 à 15:32 (Order date: 08/09/2023)

    Une très jolie arbalète

  • Eric F.
    Published 14/04/2023 à 10:48 (Order date: 03/04/2023)

    Produit conforme à ce que j'attendais.

  • Pascal T.
    Published 17/12/2022 à 17:22 (Order date: 30/11/2022)

    Elle déchire...

  • Grég F.
    Published 08/11/2022 à 18:51 (Order date: 07/10/2022)

    Pas encore utilisé mais ceci dit le montage est ultra simple... Bonne conception ?

  • Fabien l.
    Published 17/04/2022 à 19:17 (Order date: 07/04/2022)

    Rien a redire, merci je recommande

  • Sebastien
    Published 25/01/2022 à 19:29 (Order date: 13/01/2022)

    d une précision irréprochable

  • Tomi
    Published 29/11/2021 à 19:00 (Order date: 12/11/2021)

    The purchase effort went well thanks to the reliable Hattila Group team ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jean paul
    Published 18/10/2021 à 16:06 (Order date: 24/09/2021)

    Un petit bijoux de technologie et un look d' enfer.

  • Joachim R.
    Published 13/06/2021 à 12:53 (Order date: 31/05/2021)


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