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Reel kit + fastener for slingshot or...
Reel kit + fastener for slingshot or...
Reel kit + fastener for slingshot or...

Reel kit + fastener for slingshot or crossbow

Do you enjoy hunting or fishing? Thanks to our Kit, you can easily turn your crossbow or slingshot into an ideal hunting weapon! All you need is a 0.8 inch (21 mm) rail located under or on the side of your throwing weapon.

HAT-LPC014 - , 991

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Fishing Kit for crossbow or slingshot: be equipped for hunting!

Thanks to this kit, you can fix a removable fishing reel on your slingshot or crossbow, for catching and transporting your catch during your camping or hunting trips. You will thus be able to transform your throwing weapon according to your activity.

Use with a crossbow:

If your crossbow is equipped with a 0.8 inch (21 mm) rail (like the Alligator 80 lbs models or the Cobra R9-RX crossbow) then you just have to fix it on the rail and use adapted broadheads to be able to fish.

Use with a slingshot:

We recommend the model of slingshot that shoots arrows, available on our site which is particularly suitable since it is delivered with the whisker arrow rest and is equipped with a 0.8 inch (21 mm) rail under the handle. Moreover, this arrow slingshot features a special elastic where you can install a bowstring and on which the arrow will be snapped.

Characteristic of the fishing kit:


  • Length: 5.3 inches (13.5 cm)
  • Width: 4.6 inches (11.7 cm)
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs (400 g)

Note: you can replace the reel if you wish, but we cannot separate the kit, the reel necessarily comes with the support.

Slingshot with whisker to... Slingshot with whisker to... 2
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Fishing with a slingshot

Slingshot with whisker to shoot arrows

Are you a hunter enthusiast or a target shooter? Discover an original way to enjoy your practice. This model of slingshot with whisker, allows you to shoot arrows, with a much lighter and more compact throwing weapon than any other! Offering an adequate throwing speed, it is ideal for small game hunting or fishing.
Reviews about this product

Based on 2 reviews

  • Pierre L.
    Published 22/01/2021 à 13:13 (Order date: 12/01/2021)

    Exactement ce que je voulais

  • Gerard L.
    Published 29/11/2020 à 22:23 (Order date: 16/11/2020)

    Le kit moulinet a fixer sur mon arbalète demande qqs petites adaptations pour pouvoir projeter efficacement des carreaux par-dessus les obstacles infranchissables en tirant une aiguille. Cela nous fera gagner du temps et nous évitera bien des complications.

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