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Compound Crossbow EK Archery Siege 300 - 150 lbs 300 FPS

Compound Crossbow EK Archery Siege 300 - 150 lbs 300 FPS

Get the best results and performance incrossbow shooting with the Ek Archery Siege 300 150 lbs 300 fps compound crossbow! The SIEGE300 is more powerful, more accurate and has a greater range than the Cobra models.

HAT-Siege300 - EK Archery, 1184

On demand, 7-10 days delay

On demand, 7-10 days delay

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Compound crossbow Ek Archery Siege 300 150 lbs 300 fps: more power and precision

The Ek Archery Siege 300 150 lbs 300 fps compound crossbow combines the ingenious cocking mechanism of Cobra System crossbows with a compound system. The long connection between the pistol grip and the tip makes the crossbow easy to cock. When the cocking lever on the pistol grip is released and pushed forward, the trigger assembly, including the safety, also moves forward and locks onto the slackened string. If the cocking lever is returned to its original position, the trigger unit with the string engaged returns to the firing position and theleisure crossbow is cocked.

And thanks to the long lever, it requires much less force than conventional systems. From a relatively low draw weight of 150 lbs, the compound system of the big crossbow enables higher shooting speeds, up to 300 fps (approx. 329 km/h). With such power, the necessary safety has also been taken into account, and the crossbow is equipped with an empty-fire safety device that protects it from damage.

Thepulley crossbow is made of high-strength plastic, the rail and cocking lever of metal, and the launch arm of pressed fiberglass. The top mounting rail has integrated rear and front sights, and can be used as a scope mount. Additional Picatinny rails are mounted on the front, as well as for mounting a tactical foregrip on the cocking lever. The stock is designed in the AR-15 tactical style and can be optimally adapted to the shooter.

Compound crossbow package contents Ek Archery Siege 300 150 lbs 300 fps :

  • 1 Adjustable stock with adjustable cheek rest
  • 1 Shoulder strap
  • 1 Handle
  • 1 4x32 scope with luminous reticle
  • 3 15.5-inch booms
  • 1 Pair of safety glasses
  • 1 Tube of lubricant for rope and rails
  • 1 English instructions

Features of the compound crossbow Ek Archery Siege 300 150 lbs 300 fps :

  • Power: 150 lbs
  • Arrow speed: 330 km/h or 91 m/s (speed given for 15.5-inch, 283-gram lines) (8.25 inches)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (87.5 lbs)
  • Length: 83.20 - 92.7 cm (32.25 - 36.50 inches)
  • Army width: 17.5 cm (6.875 inches)
  • Unarmed width: 26.7 cm (10.5 inches)
  • Power stroke length: 21 cm (8.25 inches)
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Data sheet

EK Archery
Branch type
Compound (with pulleys)
Reviews about this product

Based on 38 reviews

  • Luis g.
    Published 10/05/2024 à 18:16 (Order date: 04/04/2024)

    Tengo que probarlo

  • Jean paul V.
    Published 29/03/2024 à 10:07 (Order date: 28/02/2024)

    Super bon produit

  • Steve E.
    Published 16/03/2024 à 10:55 (Order date: 21/02/2024)

    Top . Ça fonctionne du tonnerre...

  • Romain c.
    Published 16/02/2024 à 10:10 (Order date: 06/02/2024)

    Hâte de l'essayer pour l'instant pas eux l'occasion.

    Published 28/01/2024 à 11:25 (Order date: 03/01/2024)

    Très bonne arbalète, très précise

  • François R.
    Published 17/12/2023 à 10:00 (Order date: 29/11/2023)

    Arbalète simple a armer. Rapide et solide . Tout fourni et complet

  • Lenfant G.
    Published 31/10/2023 à 15:13 (Order date: 21/09/2023)

    Très bonne arbalète bien équipé et très bonne finition

  • Marc W.
    Published 30/10/2023 à 16:48 (Order date: 17/09/2023)

    Du délai dans la livraison mais indépendamment de leur volonté, retard dans l’approvisionnement venant de Taïwan

  • Quentin L.
    Published 29/09/2023 à 18:29 (Order date: 13/09/2023)

    Ravi de mon achat

  • Fabien R.
    Published 04/08/2023 à 17:11 (Order date: 25/07/2023)

    Super engin fiable et puissant

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