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EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow

EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow

Find in this EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow all the qualities you are looking for for long distance shootings with a big crossbow! At EK Archery, we have done everything possible to make this crossbow offer a blazing shooting speed of 422 km/h or 121.6 m/s thanks to its draw weight of 200 lbs.

HAT-TITAN200BK - EK Archery, 480

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EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow: high stability for more precision

Thanks to its heavy-duty composite bows equipped with anti-vibration rubbers and string dampeners, this EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow is particularly stable. The Titan Camo, with its ambidextrous safety, is a compound crossbow. This large crossbow is equipped with a stirrup for easy cocking, a 21mm Picatinny rail for mounting a scope, and advanced cocking technology that automatically engages the safety when the string is cocked. The Titan 200 crossbow comes with a 4x32 non-illuminated scope, three 20" (50,8cm) carbon arrows, a rope cocker and a strap. It should be noted that when cocking the string, the safety will prevent all shots. If the arrow is not put in, it is important not to bypass this safety at the risk of damaging the weapon.

Characteristics of the EK Archery Titan 200 lbs black compound crossbow:

  • Draw weight: 200lbs
  • Speed: 422km/h or 121,6m/s
  • Length: 38,5" (98cm)
  • Cocked width (axle to axle): 19" (48,3cm)
  • Uncocked width (axle to axle): 21.75" (54,6cm)
  • Power stroke 14" or 35.56cm
  • Weight: 3,9kg
  • Color: black
  • Provide with: 1 scope 4x32 cm, 1 quiver with 6 arrows, 3 arrows of 50,8 cm in carbon, 1 rope cocker, 1 strap, 1 tube of lubricant for the string, 1 pair of protective glasses.
Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: THE ARBALETTES ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a contravention (or worse) if you transport mounted in a public place.
Be sure to keep children, animals, and fire away from a place that will not hurt someone if you miss your target.

- Never dry fire
- Do not allow your fingers to protrude above the rail when the rope is armed
- Use a suitable target, do not shoot in a target that is too hard like a tree or a wall
- Do not carry the assembled crossbow, it must be disassembled for each transport
- Do not store the crossbow leaving the rope
- Sale, detention and use prohibited to minors

Hattila is not responsible for the use of this product. The crossbow is on sale in France to people over 18 years according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of 30 July 2013 - weapons category D, 2 °, h).
For a practice of shooting safely, we recommend the wearing of protective clothing, but also the respect of security practices.

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    Published 07/12/2023 à 13:05 (Order date: 24/11/2023)

    tres dur a bander

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