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Compound crossbow Missile 185 lbs
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS
Compound crossbow MISSILE 185 pound 410 FPS

Compound crossbow Missile 185 lbs

Experience the full power of this compound crossbow. With a strength of 185 lbs on the meter, it sends its bolts at 410 fps. It is a first choice crossbow for your hunting games in the forest. Delivered with a 1.5x12.5 inches scope, an adjustable stock, a quiver and an anti-firing system, you will be ready to shoot the bull's eye in complete safety.

A pack of six 22 inches carbon bolts is offered with this crossbow if you add the following promo code to your cart: K2D0VPA9

HAT-Missile410 - Hori-Zone, 757

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Compound Crossbow Missile 185 lbs camouflage: Even faster than the Missile 200!

The Missile 185 lbs compound crossbow is a fantastic edged weapon perfectly suited for hunting or target shooting. With a weight of only 6.6 pounds, it develops great power with bolts reaching 410 fps. It is the most powerful 185 lbs crossbow available on Hattila.

The Missile has an ideal automatic safety device that retains the string as soon as it is put in place.

It is good to know that it is possible to change a string on a compound crossbow. To do this, you have 2 screws that will slacken the string when unscrewing it, allowing you to change it without any effort. Once replaced and correctly positioned, you can screw in what will tighten the string again. We suggest and advise you to send us back the front of the crossbow for us to do this, you will only have to pay us the string and the shipping costs.

Technical characteristics of the crossbow Missile 185 lbs:

  • Power: 185 lbs
  • Speed of the bolts: 279.6 mph or 410 fps
  • Recommended bolts: 20 inches carbon bolts
  • Power stroke (pushing distance by the string): 16.5 inches
  • Weight : 6.6 pounds
  • Color: black and camouflage
  • 0.8 inch rail for installing the scope

The crossbow Missile camouflage is delivered with:

  • 1 x luminous scope 1.5x12.5 inches
  • 3 x Easton Bloodline 20 inches bolts
  • 1 x Quiver
  • 1 x Band
  • 1 x Strap

The use of the Missile compound crossbow:

The advantages of its use:

  • The arming is facilitated by the band included
  • Automatic security

Our recommendations for the Missile 185 lbs:

To avoid damaging your bolts we advise you to use a special crossbow target.

To make the cocking of your crossbow even easier, we recommend the crank band for Missile.

For the replacement of the string or the cables we propose and advise you to send us back the front of the crossbow for us to do it, you will only have to pay the string and the shipping costs to us.

This Missile crossbow is delivered with three 20 inches bolts. For even more fun, our online armoury Hattila.com provides you with packs of six bolts with broadheads adapted to this model.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: ARBALETS ARE NOT TOYS.
Their sale is forbidden to minors, and you risk a fine (or even worse) if you carry it mounted in a public place. Be sure to keep children and animals away and shoot in a place that won't hurt anyone if you miss your target.

Hattila disclaims all responsibility for the use of this product, being classified as over 18 years old according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of July 30, 2013 - weapons category D,2°,h); it must be transported in its packaging and properly closed.

For safe shooting practice, we recommend that you wear protective clothing, but also that you respect safety practices. Wearing any item that looks like a weapon, even if it does not have the function, is strictly forbidden in public.

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Reviews about this product

Based on 4 reviews

  • Dominique B.
    Published 17/02/2023 à 10:24 (Order date: 03/02/2023)

    Je suis très content de mon achat et livraison tres rapide ,bien emballage et arbalète marche très bien et très surpris de la performance merci pour tout

  • Thierry D.
    Published 10/06/2021 à 17:41 (Order date: 28/05/2021)

    produit exceptionnel très content de mon acquisition

  • Jean-françois R.
    Published 24/05/2021 à 22:00 (Order date: 11/05/2021)

    Facile a monté, dommage qu'il n'y ai pas une notice en français, je ne l'ai encore pas essayé

  • Olivier M.
    Published 17/07/2020 à 10:10 (Order date: 04/04/2020)

    Malgré problème covid, article reçu conforme. Super arbalète : testée et approuvée. Une puissance incroyable !

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