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LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow
LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow

LanceHead F1 370 FPS Crossbow

The LanceHeade F1 crossbow is an innovative crossbow model without bow branches. This crossbow is designed to be thin and very easy to transport. Arrows reach speed of 405 km / h (370 FPS)

HAT-LanceHeadF1 - LanceHead, 818

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Last copies, 7-10 days delay

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LanceHead F1 crossbow + 1.5-5x32 rifle scope

The LanceHead F1 crossbow was invented by Jon POLANICH in the USA, experienced hunter he decided to make his own crossbow.
The LanceHead F1 is very thin, its width makes it a crossbow very easy to transport and use in congested forests.

The LanceHead F1 crossbow is the direct competitor of the Pioneer Airbow in size, with the difference that you can use the LanceHead as many times as you want since you are not dependent on an air reserve like on the Airbow.

Its armament does not take more than a minute and the crossbow is equipped with an anti-firing safety in the form of a metal tab placing itself on the trajectory of the rope when there is no arrow, do not bypass this mechanism to disarm the crossbow by shooting without an arrow.

Delivered with a very complete kit, this crossbow can be used immediately without assembly and already adjusted in the factory.
The feeling of the high-end product is already made at the opening of the case, inside the LanceHead F1 crossbow is already assembled, with the arrows in the quiver ready for use.

The scope provided is a Hawk XB1 which has an adjustable zoom from 1.5 to 5x, its diameter is 32mm.

Hattila is the exclusive distributor of the brand in France, so we supply the crossbow, the rope and spare cables if necessary as well as the spare parts in case of repair.

Arrow speed: 370 FPS (405 km / h)
Total length: 90 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight: 3.8 Kg
Boom stroke length: 61 cm

Content of the pack:

- LanceHead F1 Crossbow
- 1.5-5x32 riflescope with light reticle
- Carbon Express crank band (special LanceHead model)
- Quiver 4 arrows
- 3 20 inch carbon arrows
- 1 carbon arrow to discharge the crossbow
- Transport and storage case
- Strap
- Maintenance tools

Arrow speed:
- Arrow 325 grains (of which tip 75 gr): 370 FPS
- 360 grain arrow (of which 100 gr tip): 360 FPS

Use :

The crossbow is delivered ready to use and already set.
Just install the crank arm mechanism at the back of the stick, remove the safety by raising it upwards to the "F" position in red, unroll the band by pushing the blue button forward then grab the rope with the moving part of the bandage, being careful to position the hooks as shown in the photos in the manual.
You turn the crank until you completely bring the rope back, you can feel the tension build up. You must hear a "CLICK" when the rope is pulled back enough, it is the mechanism that has just started to hold it.
CAUTION: the safety is not automatic, you must operate it manually by lowering the lever to the "S" position.
You can then remove the crank band.

Content description:

We note that there are 3 arrows for hunting and an arrow to unload the crossbow, it is written on it.
The strap is wrapped in a plastic, same for the cocking crank and a small kit with the logo of LanceHead contains all the tools necessary for the maintenance of the crossbow, it is very complete and high-end (a cloth for the scope, 2 adjustment pins, a yellow string for adjustment, two Allen keys + 6 fingerprints with the mini-ratchet, the manual for the telescopic sight and a penetrating tube useful for adjusting the crossbow).
There is even an aluminum logo provided to stick it where you want thanks to its double-sided adhesive.

The carrying case is equipped with two handles to carry it directly in the arms, you can roll it and there are 4 holes next to the closing latches to be able to padlock it (since the crossbow is not removable for transport we advise you to use at least two padlocks to lock it and demonstrate good faith in the event of a police check).

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs CAUTION: CROSSBOWS ARE NOT TOYStheir sale is prohibited to minorsand you risk a ticket (or worse) if you carry mounted in a public place. Make sure you keep children, pets and take to a place that is not likely to hurt someone if you miss your target.

Hattila assumes no responsibility for the use of this product, as a weapon of the fourth class, it must be transported in packaging and properly closed.

For shooting practice safely, we recommend wearing protective clothingbut also the respect of safety practicesThe wearing of any article having the appearance of a weapon, even if it does not have the function is strictly forbidden in public.

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Data sheet

Power (lbs)
Speed (FPS)
Branch type
Compound (with pulleys)
Without branches
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