Machete 28cm + firelighter + flammable paracord + flush

Reference : HAT-100019

The ideal survival machete, in addition to its 279mm blade it has a flammable paracord handle, a firelighter, a whistle and a nylon case

Price : 33,25 €

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More info

Survival machete that can make fire

This machete features a robust 3mm thick stainless steel blade that is both flexible and strong to handle the toughest tasks.
The blade measures 27.9cm with a black finish and saw teeth on the back.
A magnesium firelighter is included in the case, and the handle that provides a secure grip is wrapped with 270cm of paracord that you can ignite since this paracord is intended to make fire.
To ignite this paracord it is enough to expose the red wire which is in it and to use the firelighter on it.
The strands of paracord are very resistant, they can be used to sew, to make sutures and even to fish.

Blade length: 279 mm
Thickness of the blade: 3 mm
Overall dimensions: 414 x 51 x 25 mm
Weight: 331 grams