Target for crossbow shooting 50x50x20cm

Reference : HAT-107680-1012

a very compact target for a crossbow, it stops all the arrows and the canvas is replaced to close the holes.

Price : 65,83 €

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More info

Special target for crossbow

Dimensions: 50x50x20cm
Weight: 13.7 Kg
Two faces to shoot (twice the same as in the photo)
Suitable for shooting with any crossbow (50 to 180 pounds) of any brand!
It will stop any arrow without being pierced, impressive.

The plastic fabric (kind of canvas) gets back in place just by rubbing it with your fingers, so you can make the most of it.
This target has a handle to be worn but also two small straps at the corners to hang it (pay attention to this nothing is behind or that your arrows will get lost and risk hurting someone)
Be careful to remove the arrows gently, otherwise you will damage the fabric.