Flammable paracord 9 meters

Reference : HAT-100059

This paracord is an incredible innovation! It combines a firelighter and 550 paracord.

Price : 9,08 €

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More info

Paracord firelighter 9 meters

You do not just have a paracord 550, you have a paracord that can ignite!

To light a fire just strip the paracord and ignite the red wick that is in the center.
The white threads that make up the paracord can be used to make fishing, sewing and even suture threads.

Length: 9 meters (30 feet)

CAUTION: This product is not designed to support your body weight or to lift heavy objects over your head. Do not use this product to climb or lift heavy objects or in other situations where the safety of persons or valuables may be endangered.
The workload and the nominal weight are based on static tests and the limits indicated must never be exceeded. The shock conditions (sway, rebound, tension, etc.) can reduce workloads by more than 33%.
All ropes must be replaced if signs of wear, such as broken fibers, are visible. Nodes reduce the resistance of the rope by more than 50%, splicing is preferable. Misuse can result in serious injury or death.