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Whisker arrow rest for slingshots
Whisker arrow rest for slingshots
Whisker arrow rest for slingshots

Whisker arrow rest for slingshots

You need a whisker biscuit so you can shoot arrows with your pocket slingshot. It is an arrow rest for slingshot that allows you to hold the arrow via a screwing system. So that you are always well equipped for the projectile you want to use during your shooting sessions, Hattila offers you this high-quality whisker.

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Whisker for slingshot: be equipped to shoot arrows!

Add a whisker biscuit to your pocket slingshot to shoot bow arrows. Its use is very simple and effective, all you have to do is:

  • screw it on your pocket slingshot
  • to add a protection for arrow on the notch of the arrow
  • to load your arrow in position in the middle of the bristles of the arrow rest
  • shoot backward while aiming at your target
  • and release the pocket to shoot your arrow

The arrows propel themselves up to a speed of 150 fps or 164.5 km/h!

We recommend using full-length lightweight arrows (about 30 inches or 76.2 cm).

This arrow rest for slingshot comes in a bag with 4 notched caps (2 orange and 2 black).

Caution :

  • the pocket slingshot and arrows are not included
  • This can be very dangerous: practice in a secure area where there are no animals and children
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In stock
Pocket slingshots

Red arrow pocket for slingshots

Who said that arrows were only for bows and crossbows? It is also possible to shoot arrows with your pocket slingshot! Ideal for catching game and shooting targets, Hattila offers you red arrow pockets for your slingshot for an outstanding speed and shooting power.
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Pocket slingshots

20 Rubber arrow protectors for slingshot

The arrow notch caps are required for shooting arrows with the pocket slingshot. Cover the pointed notch to avoid damaging it and tearing the pocket when shooting. You will receive a set of 20 rubber protectors for your arrows.

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