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Pocket slingshot with wrist rest + pouch

Pocket slingshot with wrist rest + pouch

Visit pocket slingshot is a modern and innovative evolution of the slingshot a few years ago. It's extraordinarily powerful and easy to carry. The slingshot with wrist rest gives you a more stable grip for even faster, more accurate shots!

HAT-LPC003 - , 980

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Pocket slingshot with wrist rest: powerful and innovative

This model of slingshot has an original design: a rubber pocket instead of a rubber band and an interchangeable head! It can even be converted into a arrow launcher with a whisker arrow holder.

The advantage of a pocket The advantage of a slingshot over a rubber band is that it's easier to use, since you simply drop the projectile into the pocket, grab it from the outside and fire. There's no risk of snapping your fingers, or the rubber band breaking and snapping you.

The wrist rest is suitable for all types of pocket slingshots. It provides a similar feel to a traditional slingshot, while offering greater stability and power.

Pocket shot features:

  • Rings: aluminum
  • Material: rubber
  • Color: black/blue
  • Item weight: 55 g
  • Item dimensions: 20.5 cm long and 6 cm wide

The pocket slingshot is supplied with :

  • Handle with folding wrist rest
  • Interchangeable head for use with rubber pouches
  • A red rubber pocket

Using the pocket slingshot with wrist rest :

This model of slingshot is very recent, and its design makes it very compact and powerful, easy to use and safer than a conventional slingshot.

To change the pouch, use the cap and turn it upside down. It will then interlock with the support ring, allowing you to unscrew the clamping washer and release the pouch.

To use it, nothing could be simpler: unscrew the cap, drop a marble or pebble into the bottom of the pocket, grab it from the outside, hold the clamping ring with your other hand, pull on the pocket, aim and release.

You'll be amazed by its power and precision!

Recommended accessories :

You can add the fishing reel with its holder and arrows:

slingshot for fishing

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Reviews about this product

Based on 4 reviews

  • David M.
    Published 29/05/2022 à 22:25 (Order date: 19/05/2022)

    Très satisfait par le produit

  • Andre R.
    Published 31/03/2022 à 12:38 (Order date: 19/03/2022)

    Une puissance accrue avec la bonne tenue de plus utilisant la poche spéciale sècherie hélas pas dispo ici c est vraiment le musthave

  • Patrick h.
    Published 11/03/2022 à 18:39 (Order date: 28/02/2022)

    génial, mais tu tir une bille de travers et tu exploses le pas de vis et la gomme d'où ma deuxième commande tète de lance Pierre sinon puissant

  • Christian B.
    Published 03/07/2021 à 08:23 (Order date: 17/06/2021)

    Bonne impression générale sur le produit. Corresponds à ce que je cherchais.

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