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Pocket slingshot with wrist rest +...
Pocket slingshot with wrist rest +...
Pocket slingshot with wrist rest +...

Pocket slingshot with wrist rest + spare pocket

The pocket slingshot is a modern version of a traditional slingshot with an innovative design created a few years ago. It is built with extraordinary power and is easy to transport. The slingshot with wrist rest gives you a more stable grip for even more accurate and fast shots!

HAT-LPC003 - , 980

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Pocket slingshot with wrist rest: powerful and innovative

This slingshot model has a new design: a rubber pocket instead of an elastic strip and an interchangeable head! It can even be converted into an arrow slingshot thanks to a whisker arrow rest.

The advantage of a pocket on a slingshot instead of an elastic strip is that it is easier to use since you only have to drop the projectile into the pocket to grab it from the outside and shoot. You won't risk snapping your fingers, nor the elastic strip will break and snap.

The wrist rest is suitable for all types of pocket slingshots. It provides a similar feeling to a traditional slingshot while offering greater stability and power.

Pocket slingshot characteristics:

  • Rings: Aluminum
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: black/blue
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Dimensions: 8 inches (20.5 cm) long and 2.3 inches (6 cm) wide

The pocket slingshot comes with:

  • A handle equipped with a foldable wrist rest
  • An interchangeable head for a rubber pocket
  • One red rubber pocket

Using the pocket slingshot with wrist rest:

This model of slingshot is very new, its design makes it particularly compact and powerful, easy to use, and more secure than a conventional slingshot.

To change the pocket, you have to use the cap and turn it over, it will then interlock with the support ring and allow you to unscrew the clamping washer and release the pocket.

To use it, it's very easy. You unscrew the cap, drop a ball or a stone in the bottom of the pocket, grab it from the outside, hold the clamping ring with your other hand, pull on the pocket, screw, and release.

You will be amazed by its power and precision!

Recommended accessories:

You can add the whisker arrow rest and the red pocket to shoot arrows!

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  • Christian B.
    Published 03/07/2021 à 08:23 (Order date: 17/06/2021)

    Bonne impression générale sur le produit. Corresponds à ce que je cherchais.

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