Arcus Arrowstar 10 Joules Grey Pistol crossbow Expand

Arcus Arrowstar 10 Joules Grey Pistol crossbow


Hattila, 729


A mixture of a gas pistol, an arbitration pistol with a touch of James BOND design, this is the arrowstar arcus!

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Arcus Arrowstar 10 joules Arrowstar Gun grey

This is a weapon not quite like the others, it is a little bit like the mixture between a pellet gun and an arbitration gun.
It is slim and pleasant to hold in hand, and its use requires no effort!

Simply install a 16 gram or 12 gram CO2 cartridge (with adapter) in the arrowstar handle, put an arrow through the barrel mouth and pressurize the gun by lowering the safety lever once.
All you have to do is shoot with your Arrowstar pistol.

This original weapon is intended for target shooting and is intended for everyone (you must be of age), you can shoot with very good accuracy up to 10-15 meters.

Each 12-gram CO2 cartridge will allow you to fire 15 shots, and up to 20 shots with a 16-gram cartridge. The pressure regulator will ensure consistency with each shot, regardless of the temperature or filling level of the gas cartridge.
The arrowstar is equipped with an indicator on the side that will let you know at a glance if it is under pressure.

The arrows reach a speed of 46 m/s at the exit of the gun (166 km/h), with an arrow of 9.5 grams resulting in an energy of 10 joules.

It is possible to add some accessories such as a stick for arrowstar or a picatinny rail adapter, ideal to install a sight or a red dot.
The sighting devices are simple: a handlebar and a rise. The rise is adjustable but not the handlebar.
Features and characteristics

Power: 10 joules
Color: black
Length: 26.5 cm
Thickness: 4 cm
Height: 16cm
Gun weight: 890 grams (with 12g cartridge + adapter)
Boom weight: 9.5 grams
Case weight: 838 grams (without pistol and arrows)

3 carbon arrows included
Transport case included


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