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Compound Crossbow Skorpion XBC350 Black 185 lbs 370 FPS

Compound Crossbow Skorpion XBC350 Black 185 lbs 370 FPS

Skorpion XBC350 crossbow: power and precision for hunting.

HAT-XBC350BK - Skorpion, 1087

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In stock


Skorpion XBC350 185-pound compound crossbow for hunting: Excellence in power and accuracy

Built with an aluminum frame and fiberglass bow, the sturdy Skorpion XBC350 crossbow offers impressive speed, ideal for hunting. It stands out as the ultimate hunting equipment.

This pulley model incorporates an automatic safety mechanism that engages the latch as soon as the rope is cocked and in position.

Technical specifications of the Skorpion XBC350 crossbow :

  • Power: 185 lbs
  • Boom speed: 405 km/h or 113 m/s
  • Recommended shafts: 50.8 cm red aluminum shafts or black shafts
  • Hunting arrows: 55.8 cm carbon arrows and 4-blade broadheads
  • Weight: 3.47 kg
  • Length: 91.5 cm
  • Width: 54.6 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Aluminum and fiberglass rail and bow

Package contents :

Accessories included with the Skorpion XBC350 crossbow :

  • 4 x 50.8 cm aluminium arrows
  • 1 quiver
  • 1 scope 4x32 cm
  • 1 cocking device for easy loading
  • 1 tube of lubricant for rail and rope

185-pound crossbow user's guide :

Avoid shooting at trees or thin targets that could be pierced.

You'll enjoy using this pulley crossbow for both hunting and precision shooting.

Instructions for use :

  • Cock the crossbow, which locks automatically.
  • Insert the arrows, aligning the different-colored wing in the rail so that the string catches the arrow correctly.
  • Aim at your target.
  • Disengage the safety catch with your thumb.
  • Shoot!

Our tips for the Skorpion XBC350 crossbow :

To protect your arrows, we recommend buying a false string and a crossbow target.

The Skorpion XBC350 is supplied with four arrows. For more choice, you'll find various arrow packs to suit your hunting equipment on our site.

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Compound (with pulleys)

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